Lugol's Iodine where to buy the best cleanest Chilean 7% 15% 30% online!

7%-$7.34 (3.5 mg/drop; 2.33% elemental)

15%- $8.49 (7.5mg/drop; 5% elemental)

30%- $9.92 (15mg/drop; 10% elemental)

45%- $11.42 (22.5mg/drop; 15% elemental)

75%- $14.19 (37.5mg/drop; 25% elemental)

Skin stain remover (food grade vitamin C liquid)- $7.14

(I also sell potassium iodide and SSKI on another post)
1 oz Lugol's iodine 7%, 15%, 30%, 45%, and 75%.  I only use the best quality ingredients and give you the best possible prices.  The 15% is made by adding 50g of 99.99% pure ACS grade (highest available above food grade) Iodine crystals and 100g 99.99% pure ACS grade potassium iodide into 1 Liter of distilled water.  The 7% is a little less than half that concentration, and the 75% is 5x that concentration.  This solution is made and stored in all glass bottles with glass stoppers.  Metal has never come in contact with this solution, not even stainless steel.  It is bottled fresh just prior to shipping.  The 30% and higher concentration will come shipped with a poly lid and a dropper as well since it is so concentrated it hardens the dropper bulb pretty quickly.
This is the best iodine for the best price anywhere on earth.  There is no harsh taste which is caused by metal contaminants.  I am doing this in a non-profit way, to support my minimalistic lifestyle and help you become "health-sufficient".


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  2. Hi:
    I've ordered iodine with you before and can't remember the strength but have forgotten if we discussed me using 3 or 4 drops along with three drops of selenium. I believe it may have been in my old phone which has long been gone. Do you by chance have my past order of iodine and what we discussed for amount of drops, etc.? Thank you, Jane Lee 404-886-1539

    1. So any amount of drops is over the RDA but for the 7% you ordered people typically take about 3 drops a day.

  3. My granddaughter (16 yrs old) has eczema. Can you tell me if Iodine might help either internally or topically, if so, what strength should I order? Thanks so much for any insight you have.

  4. I have no idea. There is lots of info on iodine online I'm sure you can find some answers searching online.

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  6. I've called twice, left a message each time but have not got any response. Are you still in business providing 75% iodine?


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