Spitting as the new Mercury Detox

I have been working on detoxing mercury from my body lately with food grade potassium nitrate and L-cysteine (among other ingredients in Staybl - find it in the 'health remedies' tab above) and I started noticing a sour metalic taste in the mouth.  Also I started to get a detox headache and odd feeling in the back of my throat, nasopharynx, eyes and inner ears. As far as I could tell my mercury detox was working.

It turns out not only the detox headaches were signifying I was getting rid of mercury, but also the sour metallic taste in the mouth.  It turns out this taste in the mouth is a symptom of mercury poisoning.  So for the taste to start while detoxing means that large amounts of mercury is being excreted in the saliva.

It would be so nice if it was all released in the urine but this just simply isn't always the case.  To get rid of the most mercury we need to get rid of our saliva as well, not just urine.

In fact according to my research it turns out that saliva is actually the #1 body fluid that excretes mercury.  How sad would it be that as we detox mercury that we just swallow it back down to be reabsorbed by the body!

Here is a link that shows even when the body stops excreting mercury in the urine it is still excreted in the saliva (search the article for "saliva")


So yes it is gross to spit but it is needed. What I recommend is getting an opaque water bottle and spitting into it for a few hours right after taking staybl or any other mercury detox product.

Cheers to health and this new method of mercury removal from the body!


  1. Carry powdered charcoal or powdered bentonite in a thick water suspension and squeeze it from a plastic bottle into the mouth whenever the flavor gets strong, and rinse after 15-20 mins.

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  3. Alternatively, practice ayuvedic oil pulling, as mercury is very lipophilic. 1 small mouthful of any food oil goes right into the mouth, is swished about for 5-20 minutes, and then spat out- faster if the saliva thickens very quickly. This stimulates salivary glands over the whole mouth. It is not as binding as charcoal or other adsorbant agents, but quickens the oral health process. Coldpressed sesame seed oil is the traditional tool, having a lot of bitter elements which destroy infections.

    1. yes, but remember do it in the morning after waking up, on empty stomach. take about 3/4 spoon of coconut/sesame/sunflower oil / or any other oil if you have. rinse it for 21 minutes (at first you can start by 7 minutes and go up). after spit it out into trash can, because it is very toxic. rinse mouth with some salty water or charcoal to flush the rest. important to do it after waking up because it is most dirty at that time.

  4. that's true. But amount of mercury in Saliva gets even bigger (6x) when we chew something. Source -> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11218490

    1. Excellent. Basically tricking your body to believe it is eating triggers enzyme release which may dislodge mercury deposits in saliva glands and ducts. But I think that effect would be lessened if you take my product staybl because it is already dissolving mercury deposits so chewing may increase it a little but probably not 6x.

    2. Basically I've been spitting for over an year now. I didn't know the purpose of it either, I just felt like it gives me pleasue. So I've buyed a spitoon and wherever I feel like I want to spit I just do it.
      I had amalgam filling since childhood , so that would be reason why my salivary glands are producing a large amount of saliva.
      It has decreased trough time, but I remember that I could even fill a whole plastic bottle with my saliva per day.
      I used also to increase it by sucking some hymalayan salt, cane sugar or sour candies, gums. And of course spit everything out.
      It was pretty tiresome sometimes, but now I know that it wasn't without a purpose.
      Of course we must remember to supplement water. But at the same time our body knows the best for us.

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