What causes Morgellons disease? How to cure it naturally? Its pseudomonas putida

So after much research I believe I have found the true causative agent of morgellons: pseudomonas putida.

In reading about morgellons two things that stood out were that people reported fibers (which were later confirmed by the CDC to be cellulose) and toluene showing up in the body.  Well funny because pseudomonas putida produces BOTH of those things.

pseudomonas produce toluene


pseudomonas produce cellulose fibers.


So one might ask how we can become susceptible to this common bacteria?  Well for one it loves hydrocarbons.  This bacteria is probably introduced in spraying over the gulf states during oil spills to degrade the oil.  We also have hydrocarbons in our body that pseudomonas can live off of.  These hydrocarbons can be detoxed with glucuronic acid found in my zetox product


Also you may have heard that EDTA can help with morgellons.  Well I don't reccomend this risky chelator, I would reccomend histadine instead because it is a natural amino acid that chelates the types of hard metals that pseudomonas likes: Iron, Zinc, molybdenum, copper etc.  Histadine is a part of my envirotox product.


And the moment you've all been waiting for, the herbs that kill it!  Cinnamon essential oil, thyme essential oil, oregano essential oil, etc.  Never take more than 10 drops of EO's at a time!


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