Snuuze sleep capsules

Snooze (snuuze) was designed with all the research I have been doing for sleep in the past 15 years.  Sleep is my baby and thankfully I have it all figured out now.  The whole reason NatureHacker exists was because of my trouble sleeping, it is what brought me to distrust the medical system and have to find my own answers and solutions.  Snooze was designed by trying to fight the 6 types of bacteria that I have found seem to cause sleeplessness.  

1. Streptococcus 
2. Campylobacter 
3. Pseudomonas 
4. Tuberculosis 
5. Proteus
6. clostridium

I have found that by attacking all of those at the same time that sleeplessness always abates.  Mabye only for 1-2 hours but it is a snooze that is life changing for someone who just can't seem to nod off. Please read the disclaimer on the right side before buying anything from this site.

Snooze 50ct $13

Remember your whole order is always free shipping (to usa; other countries extra)

I have found that the more the better, typically I take around 3-4 capsules 

Ingredients per batch:
50g food grade diatomaceous earth 
50g organic ginger powder 
25g garlic extract powder 
50g Nature's Fury 
75 drops eucalyptus essential oil 
75 drops clove essential oil

Each capsule contains around half a gram.   It seems best to take it right when you are having trouble falling asleep or falling back asleep.

I recommend if you have heartburn or chronic cough/clearing throat or reflux/stomach churning that you take potassium bicarbonate at least about 5-10 mins before taking this in order to neutralize stomach acid.  Potassium bicarbonate also seems to help one fall asleep.  (In the future I may experiment with the stability of adding potassium bicarbonate to this recipe instead.)

I recommend you take a CLEAN probiotic after you are up for the day.  (Clean meaning not yogurt or kiefer or raw milk or any fermented food which likely also contains campylobacter). Snooze is designed to kill lots of kinds of bacteria and you want to replace those with probiotics so that dangerous bacteria don't overgrow.  Theoretically taking snooze and probiotics it should be possible to cure insomnia for good but I have yet to achieve that.  But this product has broken the curse of the 4 hour sleep wall for me and even without taking it now I can sometimes sleep a somewhat normal night.


Psycotics on the left, Insane's on the right. I'm stuck in the middle with both

Wouldn't it be funny if I told you Garlic could cure both psychotic liberals and insane conservatives?  Well it can.

I have found the cure for liberalism and conservatism.

Turns out that liberals are bona-fide psycho's.  Look it up.  Conservatives are neurotic - severe neuroticism I believe is the same as insanity.  Liberals are infected with toxoplasmosis.  Conservatives are infected with tuberculosis.  The funny thing is muslims are heavily infected with TB and are ultra-conservative yet liberals want to take them in.  This is psychosis at work, rats with toxo also desire their own doom by being attracted to cats more than their fellow rat.  The same cat that wants to kill them the toxo infected rats love.

Distasteful patriotism.  Adoration of cops and authority and a'murca.  These are neurotic conservative symptoms of tuberculosis infection.

Another way to look at it is liberals are pathogenic pessimists (psycotic) whereas conservatives are pathogenic optimists (insane).  Both ways will lead to authoritarian tendencies.

The funny thing here is that garlic is excellent at killing both of these infections.


What is the "Rule of 70"?

The definition of the rule of 70 is that if you can explain something to someone with an IQ of 70 or below and it makes complete sense to them, then you own the narrative.  This is shown in memification.  Memes make concepts readily accessible to people. And it isn't just about dumb people understanding your message, it is just lowering the bar of effort so someone doesn't have to try very hard to understand.  This is the genius of Trump's messaging, his messaging makes sense to the lowest common denominator.  People in the middle think he is an idiot while genius' recognize the genius of his "lowest common denominator" oriented messages.  Whether we agree with him or not; very high IQ people will realize the genius of the crystallization of his concepts that are readily and easily understood by everyone.  Get the lowest 70 onboard and you own the message.  It takes a genius to communicate effectively with an idiot.

How the CIA and FBI intelligence agencies collect group intelligence

Everyone is always amazed when they find out how much good intelligence the CIA and FBI have on groups and how it is on a whole different level than other countries.  They not only know what the group is planning to do but also the thoughts of the groups members on various subjects.  Well it isn't hard to know what a group is doing and thinking when you yourself are leading the group. The best way to know the groups plans and opinions is to lead the group and brainwash the members.  This is exactly what they do.

I have been a part of two groups which I am quite sure have spanned the gamut of intelligence agency surveillance.  The first group was Occupy and the second group was phoenix trance family.

The first group occupy was entirely created and led by intelligence agencies. The group leader was very likely an FBI informant (see the end for more discussion on this) and she got her orders from above and gave us orders in the group.  They make it seem like the group can decide for itself what they want to protest but 1. they make you protest something 2. they give you a limited set of options of what to protest.  3. when they protest you have to follow the leaders rules and make signs exactly to the leaders spec and dress up in some cases how the leader wants you to dress (costume or whatnot) and are not allowed to speak to the press.  This is an example how an intelligence run group functions.  Also they game the system to provide you food and shelter.  In the case of occupy they utilize food banks and other government resources for food and as for shelter they commandeer it from the public spaces and park their tents.  So now we understand how they know what a group is going to do, they lead it.  

Next is how they find out what members think about certain topics.  For this they literally set up a camera (I saw this) and interview the members.  This accomplishes 2 things.  First they can facially recognize everyone and determine everyones identities in the group, and 2. they literally get to interview people on what they think about things.  Knowing what and how people think about certain things is the essence of intelligence, once you know what and how people think you can develop strategies to manipulate them.

And for the next group; Phoenix Trance Family.  This is a much more loosely organized group.  In this group intelligence agencies may have started the local trance families in order to better maintain intelligence on the trance movement which is something that gives people freedom of thought and emotional healing and inspiration.  They also seem to do this with groups of other types of EDM as well.  Again they tend to resort to similar tactics.  They will set up situations where members of the group are given free or discounted tickets to certain events.  Then they are also led to interact with the artist before or after the show and pose for a picture.  While it may appear the picture is being taken by your own cell phone, in this type of situation there will be another camera set up looking at you as well.  This may have visibly unlit led's or an unlit lamp whereas this is actually an infrared (nightvision) light.  Also audio is collected so they can tell what you say to the artist and get a snapshot into your mind.

Once you understand how terrorist groups like the CIA and FBI operate you can better understand their tactics and avoid being led into their traps.  These intelligence agencies are fully unconstitutional and provide one of the biggest threats against our freedom, liberty, and even life in this country.

For more information please read the following article (link below) on the FBI informants that both infiltrate groups and lead groups.  This is the essence of entrapment and not only do they entrap people to do what they otherwise wouldn't, they brainwash the members of the group that the fbi informant leads to do things way beyond what they ever would have considered doing.  Not enough real crime to bust, huh FBI?  You feel the need to create as much chaos as possible.



Full Article Censored By Google The Liberty Conservative If You Call The Alt-Right “Nazi White Supremacists,” You’re Wrong Repost

If You Call The Alt-Right “Nazi White Supremacists,” You’re Wrong

By James Allsup

This is a mirror since google took it down from thelibertyconservative.com taken from wayback machine.


Thanks to President-elect Donald 
Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon and the actions of some attendees at the National Policy Institute (NPI) annual conference, media scrutiny of the alt-right is at an all time high. Within the veritable tornado of stories “exposing” the alt-right coming out seemingly on a daily basis, three phrases are re-occurring: “white nationalism,” “white supremacy,” and “race realism.”

Many journalists, pundits, and misinformed social media users are treating these three very different concepts as if they are one and the same. Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and every writer or personality considered to be “alt-right” is being labeled automatically by the media as a racist, Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist, and race realist.

This is irresponsible reporting at best, and purposeful obfuscation at worst.

Race realism, white nationalism, and white supremacy are separate concepts – much to the chagrin and confusion of the mainstream media. To understand the alt-right, it is necessary to understand each of these distinct concepts.

What is race realism?

There is quite a bit of intellectual diversity within the alt-right. One area where most alt-right leaders agree is the idea of race realism – in other words, accepting the thoroughly researched scientific fact that there are biological differences among the races, and these biological differences are capable of shaping behavior in society. Race realism does not have a political goal, like white nationalism does, it is merely a way to look at scientific fact.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Rushton, co-author of the most-cited study on race and IQ.  If You Call the Alt-Right "Nazi White Supremacists," You're Wrong 1297321505358 ORIGINAL

Race realists would acknowledge and accept the connection between race and intelligence, with many citing Dr. Philippe Rushton’s seminal work on the topic, “Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability,” published in 2005.

Rushton and his partner, Dr. Arthur Jensen, come to the following conclusion: “…the average IQ for African Americans was lower than those for Latino, White, Asian, and Jewish Americans (85, 89, 103, 106, and 113, respectively).”

Acknowledgment of a correlation between race and IQ is not the only tenet to race realism. Race realists generally accept that thousands of years of evolution have led to genetic biodiversity in the human species, just like in every other species, and that this biodivesity can be observed through mental as well as physical metrics. For example, race realists acknowledge that black people tend to bemuch better at sports than other races due to certain evolutionary and biological advantages.

Race realism is clearly not white supremacy or Nazism. The most commonly cited survey on race and IQ demonstrates that the average Asian American and Jewish American both have higher IQs than the average white American. Why would a white supremacist advocate for an understanding of science that directly contradicts the idea of “white supremacy”?

The most notable race realist is Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance and author of several books.

Political motivations

Race realism is not, in itself, a political goal. On the other hand, white nationalismis.

White nationalists generally advocate for the creation of a white ethnostate, although there is disagreement about how that goal should be accomplished. One of the leading white nationalist organizations is Richard Spencer’s NPI.

Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute (NPI).  If You Call the Alt-Right "Nazi White Supremacists," You're Wrong download 1

In a 2013 speech to an NPI national gathering, attorney Samuel Dicksonargued that the creation of a “White Ethno-State on the North American continent, a project analogous to the creation of Israel in the first half of the 20th century” would be an optimal solution.

Spencer is the prototypical white nationalist: he advocates for a white homeland, subscribes the race realist ideology, and yet is able to avoid the intellectually lazy “white power” trappings of many white supremacists. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Extremist Info” file is unable to provide any explicit examples of Spencer advocating white supremacy.

The white supremacists

Whereas race realism is a method of analyzing scientific data, and white nationalism is a political objective, white supremacy is neither.

kkk_night_rally_in_chicago_c1920_cph-3b12355  If You Call the Alt-Right "Nazi White Supremacists," You're Wrong KKK night rally in Chicago c1920 cph

The mainstream media has seized on “white supremacy” to be the brush with which the rest of the alt-right must be painted, even going to far as to publish ridiculous pieces claiming that “‘Alt-Right’ Is Not a Thing. It’s White Supremacy.”

White supremacists believe, often without citing data or factual evidence, that white people are “just better.”

This ideology often contradicts the evidence cited by race realists. Belief in absolute white supremacy, that white people are just better at everything by virtue of being white, necessitates the denial of a litany of research on IQ and evolutionary biology.

There are very few white supremacists within the alt-right itself. White supremacy as an ideology has largely disappeared from the United States, and is mostly being kept in the news by the media itself and the largely irrelevant Ku Klux Klan, which had a membership ofbetween 1.4 and 4 million members at one point, but is now down to only 5,000 to 8,000 members.

Covering the alt-right fairly

The media has demonstrated an unwillingness to cover the alt-right fairly. As much as one may disagree with some alt-right figures, that is not a license to lie about or misrepresent their individual political goals.

There are some figures on the alt-right, such as Richard Spencer, who has declared a white ethnostate to be his very clear and well-defined political goal.

And yet there are many others on the alt-right who have no clue about NPI and no idea who Spencer is. Many young people, especially young men, have flocked to the alt-right because of its universal rejection of feminism and PC culture and strong embrace of masculinity and tradition.

White men in this country are tired of being blamed for every failure and hardship experienced by women and minorities. Does this make them alt-right? Not necessarily, but possibly. Does it make them a white supremacist or a white nationalist? Certainly not.

Understanding and acknowledging the differences between race realism, white nationalism, and white supremacy is essential to understanding or fairly covering the alt-right, and unless the media does so, they will continue to set their credibility ablaze.


Acid washed food grade diatomaceous earth

Disclosed herein is a method for removing aluminum from food grade diatomaceous earth.  Roughly 150g food grade diatomaceous earth is added to a glass container.  Distilled Water is added to create a liquid slurry. 60 mL food grade phosphoric acid is added and mixed and let sit at room temperature or elevated temperature until small bubble evolution stops.  Phosphoric acid can dissolve aluminum.

The reason to do this is when taking large amounts of food grade DE internally excess stomach acid can dissolve out aluminum causing brain fog and from long term aluminum exposure possibly Alzheimer's or dementia.  To acid wash the DE ahead of time this can be avoided.

Once the acid washing is complete the solution should be neutralized and/or washed with multiple separations (filtration or gravity separation) in order to remove or neutralize the phosphoric acid.

Bone loss caused by haemophilis influenzae bacteria

Haemophilus bacteria can and does cause bone loss as it can infect bones.  The best herbal remedy for this is cinnamon essential oil.  Around a very old scar on my knee my knee cap seems to be eroding compared to my other knee cap.  I have been putting cinnamon essential oil on it in order to attempt to stop the loss and help the body rebuild.

In another use for that oil is against p acnes bacteria which can be responsible for diffuse hair thinning and prostrate issues.

Method for solving the "travelling salesman problem" using a vector and optimization based mathematical algorithm

The method proposed herein - to solve or at least facilitate approximation for the traveling salesman problem - uses vector mathematics, regressions,  and optimizations.  Large amounts of testing would be required to determine whether it really is a foolproof solution in all cases but it is hypothesized that it will at least give us a new method for approximating a solution in any given plot of points.  I will now lay out a proposed algorithm then discuss the method.
Step 1:
Plot all points.  (in positive space for simplicity) And find the centroid location.
Step 2:
At each individual point on the plot; calculate a best fit regression line that goes exactly through the given point and is (besides that restriction) a best fit approximation for the entire data set.
Step 3:
For each of the regression lines above (one for each point) calculate the R squared (coefficient of determination) of each line.
Step 4:
Create a vector field so there is a vector situated at the coordinates of each point in the plot that we started with.  The direction of the vector should be in the direction of that point's respective regression line and shall be oriented in the direction closest to pointing to the centroid.  The magnitude of the vector should be the R squared (or similar method) of that point's regression line multiplied by the RMS distance of that point to the centroid.

Now comes connecting the points:
Step 5:
Start at the point of the largest magnitude vector for simplicity.
Step 6:
In determining which point to travel to next; determine every other points vector sum with the current point.  Also determine the distance between every other point and the current point.  Maximize the value of the magnitude of the vector sum between the current point with each other point divided by the distance between the points.  Depending on what units are used and whether or not they are scaled between 0 and 1, a coefficient may be used to balance the equation.

So what we are doing here is an attempt to assign each point in the plot a value.  The desire is that this value would give a sort of "connect the dots" effect where you connect one point to the next based on the order of these values.  For example lets say we have 5 points and following an equaiton or algorithm we can assign each point a ranking between 1 and 5.  Lets say we start at point 1 and just draw a line to point 2, then continue that line to point 3 and on to point 4 then point 5.  If we could achieve a system of ranking the points in some way like this then finding the least possible distance to travel through all points with straight lines would be as simple as connecting the dots.  In trying to determine how to rank the points I thought of some factors that would go into whether a path is optimized. 
Here is a list of some factors:
1. distance between current point and proposed next point
2. how good a points given regression line is an approximation of the data
3. the "outlier-ness" of each point

It seemed to me that the most obvious factor of course was the distance the next point is from the current point.  Obviously you would want to travel to closer points preferably to travelling across the entire plot multiple times.
The other being how far the proposed next point is from the best fit line for the data. If we choose to start with the most outlier point possible then the direction we will want to head towards is towards the rest of the data.
And the last factor I figured was that one should try to go towards the outliers.  For example if our points are in a circle we want to go along the outer most edge of the circle, not cutting across it and having to go back.

So to fulfill these factors I stared thinking of how we could possibly rank points based on these factors.  Vectors are great ways to assign a type of value to a point that contains a lot of information.  The magnitude of a vector could designate the standard deviation (R squared) of the best fit line that goes through it.  This means that points whos best fit line that are a good approximation of the plot have a larger magnitude.  This can help us determine how many options we have when leaving that point.   We want to travel somewhat towards the rest of the points so having a point with a good regression R squared value means we are going in a good direction.  We can determine if the next point we pick puts us on that trajectory if the vector addition of the current point with the proposed next point is a large number.  The bigger it is the closer we are to that ideal direction towards the rest of the points.  In order to take into account the need to "stick to the edges" so we don't miss the outside points is taken into account by the rms value of the point to the centroid of the plot.  The larger this number the better, the more of an outlier our point is.  We want to prioritize these outlier points so we don't miss them and have to come all the way back to them.  Of course when we pass through a point on our journey, that point is now no longer in the pool of possible canidates for future points.
In conclusion we created a method to assign a independent objective value to each point in a 2D plot of point locations.  Using these objective values we can "connect the dots" and trace out a hopefully optimized "shortest path" through every point by simply following the locations of the optimized outputs from each point along the journey.  This is accomplished by assigning a vector to each point by using 3 factors; 1. The direction of the regression line originating at every given point and approximating the best fit through the rest of the data. 2. The magnitude of the R squared value of that regression line, 3. The magnitude of the RMS value of each point from the centroid.  Next we devised a method to traverse these values using the distance from the current point to the proposed next point and using vector addition to find the best candidate for the next point on the journey.

Here is an example plot of 6 points:


Optimized method of producing tetracalcium phosphate

Basically mix roughly 23.9% CaOH as tricalcium phosphate for example 24g CaOH and 100g TCP.  Add minimal water and mix well forming a stiff paste.  Roll into small balls and bake until dry.  This should produce very hard balls. Now flame these with a high temperature torch preferably HHO for its renewability or any torch that can achieve temperature to melt the balls including  oxyacetylene.  As the mixture melts it converts into tetracalcium phosphate.

Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide production and uses open source invention

Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide is first described here including how it can be made and used.  Peroxides are known to improve mineralization and strength of cements in some cases.  Therefore a peroxidized tetracalcium phosphate can improve hydroxyapatite both in mineralization properties and cement forming properties.  Uses could include bone mineralization, teeth mineralization, general teeth/dental and/or bone care.  It could also include producing artificial teeth and/or bones or "fillings" or other improvements for such.  It can also be used as a electrode or electrolyte in a cell and/or battery.  It can also can be used as a non newtonian fluid similarly to magnesium peroxide.  If desire it can be used with any acidic phosphate including dicalcium phosphate or even a peroxidized phosphate.

Production can be simple.  This is one method of production as an example.  Grind the Tetracalcium phosphate to a fine powder.  Add 35% or higher hydrogen peroxide.  Keep temperature around 60c or lower.  Over time the tetracalcium phosphate is converted to tetracalcium phosphate peroxide.  This mixture can be dried and reground to provide tetracalcium phosphate peroxide powder.

Mineralizing dentifrice (toothpaste, tooth powder) open source patent

I have been producing TEEF powder for years now and within the last 6 months or so I feel I have settled on the best remineralizing ingredient possible; Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide.  I want to put in writing this invention.

This invention is of a mineralizing dentifrice (could be any form from a powder to a paste to a gel, whatever) that includes tetra calcium phosphate.  More preferably tetra-calcium phosphate peroxide.  Most preferably including also dicalcium phosphate.  Extra preferably including antimicrobial ingredients.  Ultra preferably including naturally occurring anti-microbials.

Tetracalcium phosphate plus dicalcium phosphate produces hydroxyapatite ie; tooth enamel.  However it is also known that tetracalcium phosphate on its own can be remineralizing.  We also know that peroxides help the remineralization process.  Antimicrobials very much help with the natural remineralization process by preventing demineralization processes.  Also the alkalinity of tetracalcium phosphate supports remineralization but not too alkaline like something like calcium hydroxide.

Magnesium oxide/peroxide copper battery

see periodicenergy.com


Database driven operating system open source patent

First it was text.  Then it was windows.  Now it is database.

In a windows type operating system the location determines the content.  You can have files of the same name but in different location and they are considered different files.  The location you put it in the file system is the biggest determinant of the file's identity.  Programs associate that location with the file's identity, and to move the file may very well mean breaking the program.

Imagine a world where files are location-less.  Where there is infinite possibility to organize and reorganize files on a whim.  Folderless.  Not that any of these things are required, but that they are possible.  You can still have folders if you like but they will not be needed in a database driven operating system.  Folders could be just for show, a display method nothing more.  All files can interact with each other as if their world is flat.  The categories and classification and organization would be only a visual que.  Completely fluid and ethereal.

The user interaction with files would be dynamic rather than static.  Group files on the fly based on any property of the file such as file type, name, size, author, content, anything at all. And change the grouping on a whim.


5 chronic bacterial infections that cause persistent Insomnia

1. Streptococcus.  Most common cause of insomnia.  Supercharged by mercury.  Kill with adaptogens.

2. Campylobacter.  Very common cause, also causes restless legs, brain zaps, and pins and needles.  Kill with ginger.

3. Proteus.  Common cause, also causes restless legs working together with campylobacter.  Causes low back pain.  Kill with 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil internally.

4. Pseudomonas.  Common cause. May cause crawling or itchy sensations all over the body.  May also cause nausea.  Kill with food grade diatomaceous earth and also take activated charcoal to prevent detox reaction.

5. Tuberculosis.  Kill with garlic and vitamin c.


Acid reflux riddle solved: what causes it?

Porphyromonas gingivalis.


This bacteria is easily killed quickly with garlic (supplements or raw or cooked) but make sure to use potassium bicarbonate to neutralize the acid first.

H pylori causes non-acidic reflux GERD.  But the addition of P. Gingivalis causes excess acid to be produced and erosion of the esophagus.


Hydroxyl Radical Electrochemical cell battery ("Vim Vitae Generator")

The hydroxyl radical battery is any device which utilizes a hydroxyl radical to create a potential energy or voltage.  The hydroxyl radical would likely need to be generated in real time as it is unstable.  The system can be aqueous or non aqueous but aqueous is preferred.

Any means to create this radical can be used but preferably we would use a biomimetic system that works how mammalian energy production works in order to create a sustainable system.  This is to use hydrogen peroxide and/or oxygen in combination with a catalyst to produce the hydroxyl radical.  Any catalyst or source of hydrogen peroxide or oxygen or air can be used or any other peroxide.  Preferably we would use a catalyst containing iron (II or III).  Iron (II) reacts with hydrogen peroxide forming Iron (III) and hydroxyl radical.  Iron (III) then reacts again with hydrogen peroxide forming Iron (II) again.  Another thing that can be done in this system is to supply something that can preferentially reduce Iron (III) to Iron (II) without consuming a hydrogen peroxide molecule.  Bicarbonate may be one such thing that can be used for this.  The iron atom can be free or bound to a structure.  In mammalian biology this structure is heme inside red blood cells.  Any structure to hold the iron atom is sufficient but not required.  For ease of use, power, and biodegradability EDDS can be used.  Acetic acid or citric acid or edta etc. can also be used.  Iron sulfides can also be used.  Anything can be used to sequester and/or improve the properties of the iron.  The structure can also fulfill any function including but not limited to aid in filtration or create a high surface area structure or keep the iron stationary or sequestered or stabilize oxidation states or facilitate oxidation or reduction.  The structure can be organic, inorganic, synthetic, or a combination.  It can be applied or deposited by any method to one or both sides of the membrane or create the membrane, etc.

In any kind of cell we need an oxidizing aspect and a reducing aspect.  The oxidizing aspect is hydroxyl radical fully or in part with other oxidizing agents.  The reducing aspect can be any reducing agent but preferably in an aqueous system; a reducing acid.  Most preferably formic acid or acetic acid or lactic acid or oxalic  acid or any combination etc.  Ideally formic acid will be used fully or in part at any concentration preferably at high concentration.  Hydrogen or hydrogen sulfide or -SH could also be used completely or in part.  Any means of generating any of these outside or inside the cell can be used.

Separating the oxidizing and reducing aspects of the cell can be anything that can achieve any sort of ion flow while keeping the solutions somewhat separated.  This separation need not be physical but can be based on the properties of the oxidizing and reducing aspects themselves like density, miscibility, solubility, etc.  There can be one or more than one separation.  Ideally a proton transfer membrane would be used allowing the H+ ions from the formic acid to flow through such as Nafion.


The formic acid hydroxyl radical flow battery: a biomimetic battery design (FAFB)

This is an open source patent and can be used by anyone to make a profit and/or change the world.

This electrochemical generator can be referred to as the radical generator, formic acid battery or any other term.

****Results: formic acid (95%) and hydrogen peroxide (35%) with paper separator 0.6 volts.  Acetic acid (99%) and hydrogen peroxide (35%) with paper separator 0.3 volts.  Sodium bicarbonate added to peroxide reduced voltage :(.  Hopefuly with a better membrane we will have better results.

Upon further study it looks like a iron 2 catalyst is needed to convert hydrogen peroxide to OH hydroxyl radical in a fenton type reaction which is enhanced by bicarbonate.

The formic acid flow battery uses formic acid (or any reducing acid, formic acid being the most preferable, acetic acid also good), hydrogen peroxide (or any peroxide, hydrogen peroxide being the most preferable), a catalyst (such as but not limited to any iron 2 or 3 containing molecule or compound or ion or atom), and optionally bicarbonate ions (or carbonate or carbonic acid or co2; bicarbonate being the most preferable- or any other additive that helps spare h2o2 in the regeneration of the catalyst).  It is believed that the hydrogen peroxide and catalyst form a hydroxyl radical.  Bicarbonate is thought to help improve the conversion efficiency or most probably to help the regeneration of iron 3 back into iron 2 but can be added for any other use as well.  Any other additives can be added as well to improve the cell in any way as long as the cell is producing hydroxyl radical.  The "bicarbonate" (or any previously mentioned alternative or combination) can be isolated or have alkali or alkaline counter ions or molecules like ammonia or combinations such as sodium or potassium or lithium or ammonia etc.  This isolation can be done inside or outside the battery or cell if desired.  One way (but not limited to) this can be done is with membranes and electrical potential

The solutions can be at any pressure including evaporated all the way (vapor phase, even plasma) to high pressure liquids, to solids.  Preferably probably at standard pressure for best practicality.  The solutions or cell or battery can be at any temperature, preferably probably around room temperature or body temperature 37 deg C for greatest practicality.  The liquids can be aqueous or non aqueous with any other additives desired for any purpose such as to improve power density, efficiency, practicality, membrane functionality, creation of the active molecules/compounds, etc.

The battery can either be recharged directly or the solutions replaced or a combination of these.  The battery can have single or multiple cells in series or parallel or combination; in any number or configuration; large or small.  The battery can be used for any use including but not limited to stationary or mobile power storage or generation, automotive applications, personal transportation, powering biologically interfacing devices, etc.

Ideally any separator of any material, shape, or surface area, including multiple layers with any spacing between; including most preferable a polymer membrane between the two solutions would keep the formate ion from crossing and only allow H+ to cross such as in a formic acid fuel cell.  A nafion type membrane would be a very preferable separator.  To make a biomimetic design there could be two membranes with an intermembrane space where bicarbonate/h2o2/h2co4/hco4 could cross from one side and H+ can cross from the other side; but this is not necessary.

Ideally the separator or polymer membrane would also only allow h2o2 and bicarbonate ion to cross from the other side; either separate or as an intermediate such as peroxycarbonate or peroxybicarbonate such as HCO4 or H2CO4; or not allow these ions to cross at all and only allow H+ to cross.

The "peroxycarbonate" (which will be used to imply any such item or combination as laid out above) would be the oxidizing agent on one side and "formic acid" as the reducing agent on the other side.

Each cell can have multiple membranes instead of just one if desired, for example but not limited to this; hydrogen peroxide linked to bicarbonate by a membrane and the bicarbonate linked to formic acid by a membrane.  Also multiple membranes can be use to separate counter ions like potassium from the bicarbonate ions or separate hydrogens from the formate ion.  Any number and in any format in 3 dimensional space can membranes or dividers be used.

The membrane can have any composition but most preferably it would only allow hydrogen ions and peroxy(bi)carbonate intermediates to cross or only hydrogen ions to cross.  Still very preferable would be if it allowed hydrogen ions, bicarbonate ions, and hydrogen peroxide to cross.  Less preferably but still reasonably it would allow anything to cross.  Things can cross directionally, bidirectionally, or omnidirectional; directional being most preferable.  Active transport of the ions or passive transport can be used.  Different solubility and/or density electrolytes could even be used so that no membrane or separator is needed.

Any current collectors or electrodes can be used but preferably noble type metals.  Copper and germanium can also be used as anode material and may make the battery into a hybrid of what is known as a "noble metal battery" which I have described in previous inventions.  Also any reducing gasses like hydrogen on the anode side and any oxidizing gasses like oxygen and nitrous oxide and co2 to the cathode side can be sparged or pressurized or otherwise added in as well making this a hybrid fuel cell.  Adding other molecules or materials to the anode or cathode side as catylysts for any purpose can also be done; including but not limited to photoreceptive compounds on the anode side to make this into a hybrid solar cell; or catalysts to convert oxygen or "air" into hydrogen peroxide, or creating bicarbonate with co2 and a alkali or alkaline metal and an electrical current or any other method.  These things laid out above can be done for any purpose such as recharging, adding additional power etc.  Also palladium or a palladium alloy of 0-100% palladium and any other metal or material may be an ideal material on the anode side since it is good at capturing hydrogen from "formic acid" (quotes used because any reducing acid or combination of reducing acids can be used).  For the cathode a most preferable material may be iridium or an iridium alloy 0-100%.  This is because iridium is the material most resistant to oxidation.  Other noble metals like rhenium, osmium, platinum, gold, ruthenium, etc. can be used as well as refractory metals like zirconium, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc, can be used as well.  Any alloy as well.

The casing can be any material including but not limited to membranes, plastics, metals, etc.  It can be conducting or non-conducting but preferably non conducting.

The final active products h2o2/bicarbonate (or some type of peroxy(bi)carbonate) and H+ ion can be produced by any method and delivered by any method including but not limited to being produced in the battery itself via any method or produced externally and added into the battery automatically or manually.  The solutions can be dumped out of the battery if desired or recycled or recharged with or without dumping.  The solutions can be moved to other areas of the battery or outside the battery for any reason.  Any type of recharging or reforming the solutions can be done by natural (such as but not limited to enzymatically or biologically) or artificial means.


How to heal a sprain: MCL, ankle, knee etc.

First of all we have to attack the microbes that tend to be in the area.  If you are someone who wakes up too early they you are likely high in streptococcus and can benefit from adaptogens.  If you have trouble falling asleep you are likely high in proteus and can benefit from eucalyptus essential oil.

Now there are 3 more ingredients.  Ice obviously as a natural anti-inflamatory.

The last part is to take 2 tsp of potassium bicarbonate in water per day internally and apply a bragg's vinegar compress.  To best do this get a towel damp in vinegar and wrap on the effected area and wrap cellophane around that.  

The human body is a bicarbonate-acid battery and taking bicarbonate internally and applying vinegar externally charges up this healing battery.


Rechargeable CO2 Formic Acid flow battery; metabolic biological battery open source patent

*This flow battery is probaby most preferable to run as a hybrid fuel cell by sparging oxygen into the bicarbonate side and hydrogen into the formic acid side as this will help keep the voltage constant and also probably help with recharging.  At a minimum there would probably need to be an oxidizer constantly added whether that be air/co2/oxygen/nitrous/h2o2 in order to maintain a maximal voltage.*

This battery is very similar to the volcano battery but is a little more sophisticated and can be recharged not just the liquids refreshed to charge it.  Inthis case we are using either carbonic acid or alkali/alkaline bicarbonate and the other isde is formic acid.  The two sides are separated by a flow battery membrane.  The membrane ideally will only allow H+ ions (reducing equivalents) to cross from the formic acid (reducing) side into the co2 (oxidizing) side just like how biological organisms do it.

For example lets say the oxidizing side is carbonic acid or carbonate/bicarbonate ion and the reducing side is formic acid.  When the battery is depleted both sides would be carbonic acid (possibly because co2 is pressurized over the liquid).  A voltage can then be applied across the terminals and (with the help of a catalyst if desired) what happens is on the negative terminal formic acid is formed since co2 plus hydrogen ions plus electrons creates formic acid.  The hydrogen ions come from the water as co2 dissolved in water liberates hydrogen ions from the water.  On the other side you have carbonic acid/bicarbonate/carbonate ion (depending on how many protons you used up from making the formic acid and what pressure of co2 is above the liquid).

So in conclusion you have water or any suitable liquid.  You dissolve co2 in it (with or without sodium or potassium or whatever) under pressure and you have carbonic acid (or a bicarbonate in the case you used alkali/alkaline counter ion).  You now electrolyze the solution (still under co2 pressure if desired) to have formic acid form on one side and carbonic acid/bicarbonate on the other.  This is your Rechargable metabolic flow battery (RMFB) or rechargable biological flow battery (RBFB), formic flow battery (FFB), CO2 flow battery (CFB); whatever you wish to call it.

This technology can be used by itself or in combination with anode/cathode metals and/or in combination with sparged gasses.  Using all the above would make this a flow battery/regular battery/fuel cell hybrid/tribrid.

Volcano Battery: Baking soda and vinegar flow battery open source patent

*With standard vinegar and dilute potassium bicarbonate I get .16 volts per cell with vinegar bieng the + charge.  With hydrogen peroxide and vinegar I get 0.36 volts per cell with hydrogen peroxide bieng the + charge. With sodium hydroxide and vinegar I get 0.5 volts.  With sodium hydroxide and dilute hcl I get 0.36 volts.  Membrane is paper so that may effect things and artifically lower hcl figures since it dissolves paper. Dilute phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide 0.48 volts.  In these acid/sodium hydroxide experiments adding hydrogen peroxide to either side lowered the voltage.  Still need to try formic acid and hydroiodic acid.  My steel probes are corroding so some of this voltage may be iron/iron oxide!  Needs more testing.  Yes it was contamination with good probes vinegar sodium hydroxide was .18 and phosphoric acid sodium hydroxide was ~0.*

This technology can be used by itself or in combination with anode/cathode metals and/or in combination with sparged gasses.  Using all the above would make this a flow battery/regular battery/fuel cell hybrid/tribrid.Well after a log time stumbling around trying to find a cheap easy and unique battery I made my way to flow batteres.  No electrodes to worry about which is very nice and no exotic gasses needed like the nitrous, oxygen, hydrogen (at very least air) to worry about.  In a flow battery all you have to worry about is pumping liquids which is easier that sparging with gasses.  So I realized instead of these exotic liquids they are trying to use in flow batteries like ionic lithium, why not just use some cheap and easy oxidizers and reducing agents?  Then I realized something I had known for a long time, our bodies are actually flow batteries!  Before I thought our bodies were flow batteries that used iron in heme as the oxidizing agent but now after trying out another "exotic material" called baking soda, I realized the iron is not needed.  How the body works and the premise of the volcano battery is the body works by oxidizing hydrogen ions (that were produced as an end-product of metabolism) with bicarbonate ion (which is produced in the red blood cell.  When these two neutralize eachother they release energy which is captured in the iron atom in heme I believe.  Since we will have metal current collectors in our volcano battery we won't need this iron to capture our released electrons; we will be able to use them directly.  It would be a good idea to charge up capacitors though probably.  

The body uses single hydrogen ions and single bicarbonate ions because it is a boss.  This means there is no counter ions like sodium and acetate to worry about gumming up the works.  But in our case we are not going to have hydrogen ion transporters like the body does so we need to compromise.  We can use a reducing acid like acetic acid (vinegar), formic acid (from ants), or oxalic acid (end product of metabolism).  For our oxidizer we can use baking soda or potassium bicarbonate or any type of peroxide like hydrogen peroxide.  Since the body uses bicarbonate (mabye in conjunction with some oxidizing metal ions) I think bicarbonate would be a great bet.  Also since vinegar is really cheap I think that would be a good bet too (but if you like farming ants you know what is even better than vinegar...;).

Also you can add a fuel cell to this setup by just sparging the bicarbonate side with oxygen/nitrous and the acid side with hydrogen.  Doing this will add about 0.7 volts per cell.

Now the hardest part of all this is the mechanical design as well as the membrane.  The membrane should be permeable enough to allow good ion flow between the bicarbonate and acid but not enough flow to allow super fast mixing.  Ultimatly both sides will ecome sodium acetate or sodium formate or whatever and the battery will pee that out and need to be refilled.  You can't charge this the traditional way.

This is 100% renewable and harmless.  You can make the bicarbonate solution by electrolyzing salt water and then pressurizing co2 into it.  You canmake vinegar  from fermenting sugar or ethanol or by reacting carbon monoxide with methanol.  Or you can distill ants to get the even better formic acid ;).

I'm not sure if the surface area of the metallic current collectors matter but may as well try a silver, nickel or copper mesh.  Possibly more noble metals will help improve voltage even more, it is worth a shot. If they do then you will want to select rhenium or iridium as those are #2 and #1 in my tests before.

This technology can be used by itself or in combination with anode/cathode metals and/or in combination with sparged gasses.  Using all the above would make this a flow battery/regular battery/fuel cell hybrid/tribrid.


How to make your own 75% Lugol's Iodine

Take a 1 liter beaker and add 456g Iodine crystals (I2).

Add 225g Potassium hydroxide (KOH)

Add 514mL distilled water.  Will get hot.  Mix with ceramic or glass untill fully dissolved.

Let white precipitate settle down and filter out (or pour out liquid and keep liquid).  This white precipitate is potassium iodate and isn't good to ingest.

Add 250g iodine crystals to the liquid.  Add more water as necessary and gently heat to get it to dissolve.

Vol to 1L.

This is 75% Lugol's iodine.


MOVI Fusion: Muon Oxygen Vacancy Implosion Fusion

Can be any type of fusion using any element compound in which vacancies can exist but preferably transition metal oxides performing "s-process" type fusion. (not exactly s-process but creating heavy elements, this would be a whole new type of fusion called MOVI fusion)  What this is is an oxide crystal lattice in which oxygen vacancies are present, for muons to fill those vacancies and cause a structural collapse to create heavier elements.  This can be used for any purpose.  Some preferable uses could be to create energy, create changes to isotopes leading to more or less radioactivity, but most preferably to create heavier elements de novo.  The most preferable would be to make noble metals such as gold and others.

This is a type of muon catalyzed fusion in which oxide compounds are used to collect the muons and an implosion of the structure (catalyzed by the muons filling the vacancies) occurs creating nuclear fusion.

"Cold fusion" or low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) are really just catalyzed fusion where the activation energy to cause fusion is reduced.  Therefore the MOVI process is also cold fusion.

This is a proposed process based on my theory of how gold is created in the earth.  

The MOVI process is an explanation which would provide a theoretical framework to explain how my theory for how gold is created in the earth could potentially happen.

This is also an open source process to create fusion which includes creating gold.

The minimum requirements for this invention are an oxide mineral, oxygen vacancies, and muons.  As stated before the muons fill the oxygen vacancies reducing the energy required for the atomic nuclei in the crystal structure to combine in a nuclear fusion reaction.

One example process would be to place hematite (Iron 2 oxide) between two charges that have a high potential difference.  These two charges could be crystals such as quartz, metals, or anything else that can carry the charge.  This can be any voltage but preferably a voltage on the order of millions of volts.  The other things needed are Iron 55 hematite and muons.  The muons and iron 55 may be created separately or produced in the process of the high voltage experiment.  On the positive charged side/electrode oxygen vacancies would form in the hematite.  These vacancies would migrate toward the negative charge/electrode since the vacancies are relatively positively charged.  When these vacancies move to the negative electrode they are partially or fully filled with muons.  These muons catalyze a structural implosion in the oxide mineral creating higher molecular weight atoms.  These muons are released and/or decay.  When they are released they can be reused creating a cascade of structural implosions and fusing of nuclei.  This could be termed "nuclear melting" or "atomic melting".  When they decay the release radiation which may or may not be used to create more muons and/or iron 55.

This is just an example process and will likely work with many different oxides.

In conclusion this is an open source process for creating catalyzed nuclear fusion.  This is the only process proposed for creating s-type fusion (but not limited to s-type fusion) that I am aware of.  The process at its minimum requires an oxide crystal lattice with vacancies and muons.  However these requirements are attained is of no consequence.  An example has been illustrated but is only one of many methods to accomplish muon oxygen vacancy implosion fusion.  Any process that uses one or more oxides and muons to accomplish fusion are covered by this open source patent.  Even more minimum requirement is any element or combination of elements, oxidizing conditions, and radiation.  These could be used to create an oxide and create muons and create oxygen vacancies.

Also things besides oxides can be used like hydrides, fluorides, chlorides, bromides, iodides, astantides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, etc. and would be covered in this open source patent.

Any type of vacancy can be used, but preferably a vacancy of a negative atom like those just mentioned.  Perhaps positive muons could fill the vaciencies left by positive atoms.  So any vacancy and any type of muon can be used and are covered in this open source patent.

In essence just a muon needs to be used to catalyze the collapse of a lattice to create fusion of nuclei.  More external energy in the form of volts or electron volts may be required depending on the conditions.

In certain compounds like hydrides perhaps even just electrons could accomplish the goal and no muons are even needed which would also be covered by this open source patent.  But preferably muons would be used.


How to make a high voltage pulse transformer at home for cold fusion

Lets term this setup a "cold fusion transformer"

End from the beginning:

1. Neon sign transformer (or any high voltage high frequency AC)

2. CW transformer

3. Marx generator

4. Traditional multi layer transformer


We want an extremely high voltage and high current output.  For cold fusion we are not hot plasma mediated like a fusor is so we need to make up for that heat with more voltage (and maybe H+ ions but that is another topic.  See my cold fusion and making gold posts).

So how can we get both high voltage and high current?  Easy, we step up the voltage while also using capacitors to store up more current.

More specifically:
We want to have a high wattage high voltage starting point.  The best starting point I have seen is the neon sign  transformers that are 15kv and 60ma.  This gives around 900 watts which seems as good as you can get for an off the shelf 115v power supply.  So we start with that.  Amazing1 sells one google: 'amazing1 neon sign'

Now this is AC and we want to get it to DC.  To do this we use one step (or more) of a full wave CW transformer .  What this does is not only change the AC into DC but also multiply the voltage depending on how many stages you use.  For practical reasons I only suggest you use one stage, and get a 30kv output.  This will make sourcing 30kv resistors and capacitors possible for the next stage, the marx generator.  Now we have a continuous current at 30kv.  However we halved the amperage to 30 ma.  Not only do we want to boost the amperage, but we want to boost the voltage much higher.  How can we do both?  A marx generator.  This device takes the 30kv to charge capacitors in parallel and discharge them in series.  This will multiply your 30kv by however many stages you have and improve the amperage because you stored up a long times worth of power and it discharges fast in pulses once every few seconds.  I suggest maybe 1-10 stages (the fewer stages the faster it should spark but the lower voltage you will have).  This will bring us up to 300kv.  Now you may ask why not just use more stages of the CW transformer instead of using a marx generator?  Well because we need pulsed DC.  In order to elevate our voltage even more we need pulsed DC.  Only pulsed DC will work to input into a transformer.  And since we want to go for insane voltages, we need to use a transformer.  Now we just make an ultra high voltage transformer.  You make it ultra high voltage by making there be big gaps between the transformer layers of the secondary so sparks can't jump the gap.  Also make sure the primary is also separated from the secondary with a big gap or insulator.

If we use a 1:10 winding (induction) ratio between the primary and the secondary we will multiply our voltage another 10 fold... bringing us up to 3 million volts or 3 mv megavolts.  Also we should have decent amperage because of our marx generator.  So we have 3 million volts of pulsed DC power.  Just what we need for cold fusion.  Cold fusion will not work with AC (like a tesla coil or magnifying transmitter) as far as I am aware because the frequency is too high to support neutron production / generation.

Also for the end transformer, you should have a soft iron core or mild steel.  As big diameter as possible.  Wind the primary (input coil) on the iron rod.  Then put insulating material then put iron foil (0.5mm-0.1mm, reduce thickness as you move away from the center of the rod) then more insulator then wrap your next layer of copper wire.  The primary and secondary are not connected but the multiple layers of secondary coil are all connected.

PS: Decided to go with a 12" long 4" diameter 1018 steel rod (onlinemetals.com) for my transformer core.  Primary will be wound first with 8 awg magnet wire.  Then 30 mil nomex sheet (insulator) then 20 mil pure iron sheet then 30 mil nomex then secondary 18 awg (not connected to primary).  Then nomex/iron/nomex (the iron sheets can get thinner as you go outwards if desired) then 23 awg wire wound up connected to the 18 awg one.  This is the tertiary.  Nomex/iron/nomex then 27 awg wire wound up connected to the 23.  This is the quaternary.  Nomex/iron/nomex then 30 awg wire wound up connected to the 27.  This is the pentary.  The guages were carefully selected based on what the input voltage is compared to the input voltage of the last coil.  So if the voltage was 3 times higher at the output of the 27 awg for example then I selectedthe next wire to have a power current rating of 3x less amps as the last one had.  I started with 18 awg arbitrarily though and worked down from there.  To  calculate voltage I used turns of the primary (92) and turns of the coil of interest.  If say the coil of interest had 184 windings to make it the whole 12 inches then the voltage doubled from the original 60kv.  If there was a secondary coil before that one I added the voltage from there plus 120v.  Then I did the new voltage divided by the previous voltage to find out how much that coil changed the voltage.  That multiplication constant then was used to divide the power amperage carrying ability of the old wire to find the awg of the new wire that carried that amount times less.  That is how I determined what wire awg to use for each coil.  The resources I used were:




So my current build is 15kv .06 amp power supply.  Feed that into 1 stage of CV multiplier to get 30 kv.  Feed that into 1 stage of Marx generator to get 60kv.  Feed that into my transformer to get 1.745 MV. My transformer will also preferably be submerged in liquid nitrogen to reduce resistance losses.  Why not right?  

Also the reason I used iron sheets was to basically effectively enlarge the iron core helping bring more magnetic flux to the outside wire coils.  Also wrap the finished thing in iron too then some nomex.  Allow it to breathe so it can soak in the liquid nitrogen which will also work as a dielectric better than mineral oil.

So the three innovative things I brought to the transformer was 1. liquid nitrogen to improve conductivity 2. stepping down the wire size in relation to the reduction of amps as the voltage multiplies 3. iron sheets between transformer coil layers. 

And of course this entire circuit, the high voltage ac through a cv multiplier then through a marx generator, then into a transformer.

PSS:  If you want you can substitute out the initial ac neon sign transformer and the CW multiplier for a high voltage DC power supply.  But I coupdn't find nearly as good (high watts) of a hv dc power supply compared to the neon sign ac transformer.

PSSS:  Actually planning on using a full wave CW multiplier so that would be 15kv x3 from the CW = 45kv x2 for the marx is 90kv x 29.1 for the transformer = 2,619,000 volts.

PS4: Always point the B field of every winding (if they are on top of eachother) up towards the north star and make sure every winding is wrapped counter clockwise (negative side up?)

PS5:  The best magnet would be a magnetized iron sphere within another iron sphere that are connected to eachother through the poles (mabye the earth is this?).  If you want to make a toroid out of the transformer by attaching iron sheet to the top and botton; attach it to the corner s at 45 degree angles.  Even just making the top and bottom of a bar "flared out" would also help.  Ideally one would want to input a frequency of DC pulses into the transformer that matches the ringing frequency of the transformer itself.  Basically the magnetic field produced on the core by the primary will induce current in the secondary which itself will induce a magnetic field (in the same direction as the primary if it is wound right; use the "right hand rule") which will induce a current in the tertiary which, by virtue of the magnetic field it creates induce another current in the secondary again... and so on and so on. Sp basically you are looking to create the highest anplitude standing waves of power; basically just look for the best ratio of power out of the pentiary vs power in to the primary.  So vary the frequency of input pulses from the marx generator (by varying the capacitance and/or number of stages, but voltage of each capacitor should be the same) to get the best ratio of output power from the pentiary vs input power into the primary.


Cold Fusion using acidic electrolysis of regular light water

I have been attempting to make gold when I stumbled upon an interesting find,  acidic hydrolysis produced much more heat than alkaline hydrolysis and also seems to produce neutron radiation.

I used two iron electrodes (but could be any conductive material) submerged in distilled water and 30 volt power supply running at about 10 amps by putting in a slight amount of sulfuric acid into the distilled water.   Just enough acid to get 10 amps at 30 volts.  

What I noticed was incredible heat produced and peripheral neuropathy like I was bombarded with neutron radiation. Even a foot of sand wasn't enough to stop the effects, adding water to that sand did however reduce the effects.  This leads me to believe we are dealing with neutron radiation.

The mechanism for this may be that the H+ ions in acidic solution were undergoing electron capture or 'positron emission' and being converted into neutrons.

To harness this power lithium or boron compounds and water can be used to absorb the neutrons and convert the energy into heat.

Alternating current can also seemingly produce large amounts of heat in water and may also produce cold fusion effects.

Electric Cold Fusion of atomic nuclei mechanism: How gold is made in the earth

In my past posts I have talked about creating gold with a strong electric charge.  Now I am going to propose a theory on exactly how electric charge can induce fusion.

In this hematite lattice we can see each oxygen is bound to 3 irons.  Now the theory here of electric fusion is that since we know a strong electric charge can create oxygen vacancies in a crystal structure, these vacancies coupled with the neutralization of the iron atoms from the same electric charge, allow the three iron atoms to collide/implode along with 2 oxygens fusing them together creating plutonium 200.  This plutonium 200 decays with 15 electron captures/positron emissions and 3 neutron emissions.  (Now I don't believe in positron emission, I believe it is just a high energy electron capture producing a gamma ray instead of an x-ray, but regardless it doesn't effect this theory.) 
What may happen is when 5 neutrons are created rapidly that one is lost as a neutron emission.  Or that neutron loss leads to gamma ray emission (positron emission).  Something to this effect would be needed to explain why both positron emission/electron capture and neutron emission are both happening to convert plutonium 200 to gold 197 and not mercury 200.

Now the iron/hematite is just an example of exactly how this works, but electric fusion in general just requires:

1. a crystal structure 
2. Negative atom vacancies being  produced by an electric charge (ie: oxygen, chlorine, fluorine)
3. An electric charge that neutralizes positive atoms that are a part of the crystal structure that are in proximity to the vacancies (probably the same electric charge from #2 but not necessaarily)

The predictions of this theory are:
1. We will see x-rays (from electron capture) and/or gamma rays (from 'positron emission') emitted which signify electric fusion is happening.
2. We will see neutron emission. (unless the exact amount of atomic mass units are produced ie: iron 55 is being made/used to produce plutonium 197.)
3. We should see elements being transmuted.

**Update** high mercury contents found in gold!
This means that the Iron 55 method is probably right, so we need neutron radiation to convert Iron 56 and 54 to 55 in orderto make gold.

So all that is needed is an oxide of the form of hematite and a strong electric charge to transmute elements.  The charge just needs to be protected so that it doesn't induce a chemical bond between ions instead of electric fusion within the crystal lattice.  So negative ions should be blocked from interacting with the target oxide.  

This can also work with other elements besides iron; Manganese in this form may be able to create platinum for example.


Making gold from iron electrolysis appears to have worked, update later today

So I have been working on making gold and this is how I did it.

two 3/8" steel bars put in distilled water in a glass (not touching each other). Put in a tsp or so of sulfuric acid.  Hook up the bars to a 30 volt power supply around 2 amps or so.

Electrolyze for a long time but changing the polarity of the electrodes often (switching which electrodes is positive and which one is negative).  Run it for as long as you can.

All of that muck is your gold "concentrate".  Now wash it (by adding water, letting it settle, and pouring off the excess water) and then dissolve it using hydrochloric acid and peroxide and heat.

Once it is all dissolved and the liquid is clear, let it cool then add SMB (sodium metabisulfite), you may need quite a bit but if you add too much it will turn all opaque and foggy, you don't want that.  You just want enough until it stops fizzing when you add it, maybe a little bit more.

Now wait a day and you should see a dusting of tan to blackish powder on the bottom of the glass.  This should be gold.  Carefully pour off the liquid.  Add more distilled water (only use distilled water in this whole process) let it settle another day, then pour off the liquid again.  Do this once more.  Now when you pour off the liquid, heat up the remaining powder and water to evaporate all water.  

This is what is left: (looks like gold but who knows)

Now put this remaining powder in a crucible and melt it into gold. (may need to add borax, doesn't seem to want to easily melt into gold)

I am at the final step now, once I melt it and verify it is gold I will let you know.  

ps: since I don't really have enough to reliably melt into gold I am aquiring a stannous (tin) chloride test solution to test this for gold rather than trying to melt it.


Clean legal nuclear power reactor using bismuth lead thallium

Here is the invention of a clean safe and legal nuclear reactor.

We use our neutron production from our previous method of generating neutrons from hydrogen sulfide/selenide/telluride and quartz/hydroxide/iron oxide system.

To the iron oxide we add beryllium oxide (or another high temperature neutron moderator).  This slows neutrons down so that we can capture them later.  Now we take a large atom like bismuth (largest easy to acquire element) to capture our slowed (thermal-like) neutrons.  The reason we want big elements is they decay quickly and release radiation that we will absorb to produce heat.

To add the neutron capturing atom we include that in the quartz crystal described in the how to make gold post. Quartz crystal can act as a neutron filter to only allow slow neutrons to enter.  Now the slow neutrons interact with the bismuth atoms in the glass and create unstable bismuth isotopes.  These emit radiation which is captured by a neutron absorber, preferably borax or boric acid infused water.  This setup is preferably placed underground for safety or is shielded with heavy elements to protect against gamma rays from escaping.

Also we can tune the temperature of the reactor so that neutron capture is effected.  Anywhere from near absolute zero to high temperatures can be used to vary the reactor properties like neutron capture/reemission rates and how many neutrons can be captured before decay. Having todo with the resonance of the atomic nucleus with the neutron it is trying to capture.  R and S process and what isotopes are formed can also be effected.  If the temperature is low and the neutron speed is low and constant then likely we will expect greater frequency of neutron capture since the resonance peak is higher and narrower.  This can allow for more R process capture happening.