Biomimetic flapping fan blades open source invention

In the quest for the flying car we need to generate more lift.  The cryogenic (liquid nitrogen cooled normal copper wound) motor will give us the energy efficiency we need.  However generating lift at low speeds with no wings presents a challenge.  To overcome this we need better fans.  Enter bio mimicry.  Based on this video I developed a new fan blade technology.

A flapping fan-blade.  Here is the cross-sectional profile of an example fan.  The numbers represent the blade number.

As you can see the blades have various profiles so as each blade passes a reference point the blades "flap" like a robin in vertical takeoff.  Also the blade profiles cycle for smooth back and forth flapping motion.  This is the 2D profile but the 3D profile could have various shapes as well preferably modeled after vertical takeoff birds as well.  Also the blade length can be shorter for the more horizontal pieces so they don't take up too much space on the rotor, and even multiple horizontal pieces can be stacked vertically in the same vertical space as one of the more vertical blades.

Based on my dream of the thunderbird (see more recent post) I have created another example:

Those little legs simulate the vibration of the bottom of the thinderbird wings which create the loud thunder sound of the flight of the thunderbird.

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