How to make Amber

 Amber typically contains up to 8% succinic acid.  We can look at amber a lot like epoxy with 2 parts, a hardener and a polymer.  The hardener in the case of amber is succinic acid and the polymer is communic acid.  I can't find a source of comminic acid but all plant resin seems to contain it.  So to make amber what should work is to add succinic acid to plant resin and heat.  Also adding some bicarbonate source like baking soda may help as well.  Natural plastic or adhesive.


Why massage helps sore muscles and injuries: It creates more lactic acid!

Icing sore muscles or sprains or other injuries helps but it takes a long time and sometimes doesn't work fully.  But I stumbled on a actual cure that works in literally just a few minutes.  Take braggs vinegar and pour some on a folded up paper towel.  Place this on the injury.  Then cover with an ice bag.  Wait 10 minutes and the pain should be basically gone!  Works best if you also take some baking soda or potassium bicarbonate internally at the same time (creates lactate from the lactic acid).  Sore muscles and injuries hurt because your muscles run out of lactic acid, not that they have too much!  Lactic acid is fuel for your muscles and when your lactic acid runs out you become sore.  What ice does is slow the metabolism of your muscles to give your body a chance to produce more lactic acid and catch up.  Acetic acid from vinegar is very similar and can fill the same role.

Massage likely helps sore muscles because it stimulates the muscles to produce more lactic acid and therefore heal themselves!

I am buying 80% food grade lactic acid from ebay and testing it not only for sore muscles but also to see if it helps me sleep better and prevent sleep apnea.  Lactic acid also appears to increase body temperature along with likely bicarbonate so if you have a low body temp, you may be lactate deficient.  Lactic acid also appears to treat tuberculosis and bovine tuberculosis, of which the bovine variety likely causes sleep apnea since it lives in the neck.  Lactic acid also seems to be a lucrative treatment for hairloss and I am also going to guess chronic fatigue and gynecomastia.




types of organic acuds produced by probiotics.



How Jesus Walked on Water and healed people and the foundation of life

Positive charges.  We have realized that gravity is induced electrostatic attraction.  The center of the earth is positively charged.  The earths crust is an insulator.  We are little capacitors attracted to the earth by being relatively negatively charged.  This negative charge can be a handicap in some ways.  This attraction is called "gravity".  This means if you can connect electrically with the center of the earth you can break free of gravity.  The problem is doing this may kill you as it will interfere with the electrical nature of the body.  However a bit of positive charge may help.  If you can find a source of positive charge like hydrothermal vents in water near the surface of the water like in the sea of Galilee, you may be lighter than you would otherwise be.  Hence walking on water.  I believe Jesus took a boat out to these areas and charged his body with it "I have food you know not about".  These positive charges would mimic the effect that eating food has on the body.  Animals near these vents grow much larger than normal.  Also pyramid lake in nevada has similar outlets from the earth and fish grow very large.  Jesus in his boat went to these areas in the sea of Galilee, charged himself up, then went out and touched people to heal them with the charge he had built up in his body.  However this would also feed bacteria, and just like Aaron Traywick, the bacteria and virus gain the biggest advantage from the treatment.


Plasma engine open source invention atomic fusion BLEVE HHO

The plasma engine open source patent

The plasma engine at it's core is an electric engine as opposed to an electric motor.  The plasma engine uses an electric discharge to create an expansion (such as but not limited to an explosion) of any material.  This material may include, but not limited to, converting a liquid to a gas.  For water a theoretical maximum could be a 1600x volume expansion from a bleve effect, plus possibly more from combustion of the constituent gasses, and even more when considering temperature effects.  Fusion may also occur.  Magnetic unity principles can be used in this device(s) and may help achieve fusion.  Fusion can serve any use, especially to superheat the products to cause more, or in any way improved, expansion.  Components in the device, and/or outside the device and/material may convert and/or store and/or assist in converting or storing fusion energy and any other energy of all types from the device and/or material into work, heat, or any other form of energy.  Magnetic fields and/or pulsed magnetic fields and/or moving or apparently moving magnetic fields (magnetic unity) may also enhance the ability of the material to vaporize, lubricate, dissociate, ionize, fuse, etc.

The electric discharge can be created by any method but preferably a capacitor or capacitor bank connected to high surface area electrodes in the expansion chamber(s).  This capacitor bank may or may not be connected to a means of charging it such as batterie(s) and/or any other method.

This engine can be any design that utilizes expansion chamber(s) with one or multiple stages where material is expanded by electrical discharge. It could even be a converted gas or diesel engine or a new engine or anything else.  The expansion chamber could even be ethereal like water or earth atmosphere or space (photon field) or a magnetic field.  Earths atmosohere could be the expansion chamber of a rocket or jet, water could be the expansion chamber for a water rocket or jet, space in general for any type of craft, and a magnetic field or magnetic unity field could be the expansion chamber for spacecraft.

For a rocket like propulsion, material such as but not limited to water based fuel, can be directed into a plasma ignition chamber where the water is at least vaporized and preferably also separated into hydrogen and oxygen and/or other gasses depending on the fuel and preferably also combusted and/or ionized and preferably also fused into higher elements.  For anything but especially spacecraft, magnetic unity principles can be used to contain the expanding gasses since there is no atmosphere to accomplish this containment in space.  A magnet and/or magnetic unity can also be used in the plasma ignition chamber to aid in anything especially volitalization, electrolysis, ionization, combustion, and/or fusion.

This could also be used for gun-like projectile launching devices.  Some say 6kv .1 microfarad capacitor can create a very explosive shockwave.  Distilled water has a very high dielectric constant and would be great to use to increase capacitance.

At it's simplest this engine could run off of water and electricity, preferably distilled water to prevent corrosion.  Efficiency of this engine may approach or exceed that of an electric motor if only using the BLEVE effect.  But if the water molecules are split releasing hydrogen and oxygen, perhaps much more energy can be liberated by the combustion of these byproducts.  Fusion can release even more energy in a variety of forms, any or all of which may be utilized if desired.

However I feel that the real power of this invention is to create a true fuel-electric hybrid.  And to realize this would be to use something as a fuel that contains more energy than water alone.  This fuel can be anything but preferably a water soluble fuel.  As a water soluble fuel more energy can be added by any method but preferably a carbon based water soluble fuel like graphene or humic/fulvic acid.  Another preferable option could be any emulsified fatty acid such as soap.  Also anything else such as but not limitedlto glycerine, ethanol, methanol, ethylene/propylene glycol, etc.  When the plasma is formed by one of these solutions, not only do the additives reduce the surface tension possibly and help get a fuller expansion effect, but also add energy to the solution that may or may not be released by the plasma in any process such as combustion.  They also may effect the dielctric constant.

Electrolytes may be used to increase conductivity of the solution if desired or any other purpose.

This technology can have any application such as but not limited to: creating rotary motion for any purpose, creating linear motion for any purpose, rockets, cars, planes, boats, watercraft, guns, rockets(underwater or atmospheric), spacecraft, trains, submersibles, robots, any type of transportation, any form of energy generation and/or storage, generating plasma and/or shockwaves for any use, etc.


How to travel faster than the speed of light by rarefying space

Ah yes the speed limit of the speed of light.

It was just discovered that by slowing down photons sufficiently they stick together.  Researchers say that this can create photon molecules.  What they don't yet realize is that these stuck together photons already exist around us and through us and we cannot sense them since they are not moving!  We can only detect photons when they are moving.  This field of stuck together photons is called Space or the Aether.

Can we disrupt space so that we can break the speed limit of the speed of light?  Easily.  Once you discover the root cause of a problem you are 99% closer to solving it.  Well now that we know what space is exactly we can easily disrupt it.  Photons are suseptible to magnetic fields.  What we can do locally is use high frequency pulsed magnetic fields or principles of Magnetic Unity (see previous posts) to dissolve this molecular matrix of photons and slide through it without having to ride it.  It is like the difference of surfing versus a torpedo.  Surfing you are limited by the water wave propogation speed (analogous to the speed of light) but if you can part the hydrogen bonds of water (analogous to dissolving or rarefying the photon field of space) you can travel through space, not "on top of it" and go much faster than the wave propogation speed.  Just be careful whatever you do that you don't slide into the center of the earth (like what happened in the philadelphia experiment)!  Also you will need protection from the field in the form of a capsule that has alternating layers of superconductor and ferromagnetic material.  A simple iteration of this is copper sheeting and iron sheeting cooled with liquid nitrogen.


Ambient Atmospheric Triboelectric Generator - Tribogon - open source hardware patent

*Update May 2 3018:  This technology can be used and calibrated to be an electrostatic charging potential of the air (or any medium like water) sensor.  This could be useful anywhere but especially in explosives industry to monitor and/or adjust the risk of explosions from built up charge.  If this sensor charges up in voltage fast it means that the atmosphere is bad at neutralizing charges.  To achieve this monitering it can be done any way but one interesting way is to link it to a small portable computer like an arduino.  The data can be sent and/or stored any way but especially wirelessly to a display device would be ideal.  The data could be presented in any way but especially converted to a new measurement unit such as but not limited to ECP (Electrostatic charging potential).  This unit can be defined as a voltage charging rate of a sensor with defined attributes like material selection, thicknesses, assembly method, surface area, etc.*

Herin is described a method to make a triboelectric generator that generates electricity under ambient atmospheric conditions and also a method to make highly optimized triboelectric generating structures from a single shape panel or many shapes or large pieces as a skin.  This idea was inspired by the way the egyptian pyramids functioned as triboelectric generators and also the natural pyramids that inspired the egyptians to use the shape to electrically pull groundwater to the surface of the earth.  Recently research into triboelectric nanogenerators revealed that pyramids are the optimum shape for triboelectric surfaces.

The Seked.  It is the building block of a modern pyramid.  This shape can be used to tessellate and make the entire surface of a pyramid.  The optimized shape is likely defined as a right triangle whose perpendicular sides are a ratio; 1 and 1.618034. This is roughly the values of the Great Pyramid and is the golden ratio.  This right triangle can be used as panels to create a pyramid structure.  Any shape can be used for this triboelectric generator but the seked may be optimum for many uses.  Left and Right handed versions would be required if a golden seked is used.

This panel should  be able to connect to other panels electrically and perhaps mechanically, but this is not required.  This panel by virtue of its shape can be used to create small pyramids that are a part of the surface of large pyramids, a sort of fractal design if desired.  This can even be used in ambient or high relative motion underwater conditions or in air or elevated above the earth at any altitude even space if desired if certain design considerations like sealing out the elements are taken.

The panel would consist of a layer of thin preferably Teflon PTFE or any other triboelectric material including metals, metaloids, non-metals, semiconductor, mixtures, compounds, molecules, etc or mixtures or combinations therof, in crystalline, amorphous or any other form; preferably .001 thick, but any thickness would work.  What this teflon or any other material layer does is collect charges from the atmosphere or water or anything else.  This layer may or may not contain other materials like carbon to make it conductive or anything else.  This layer may or may not be, but preferably would be, joined tightly to a current collector such as a metal or carbon based sheet.  This joining may include preferably barium titanate and/or carbon of some size mixed with a binder (or no binder) to adhere if desired the teflon with the conductive sheet preferably copper or copper mesh.  If a binder (glue) is used preferably the binder will set while pressure is being applied as to assure a very close contact.  Or if no binder is used a mechanical framing can be used to apply pressure to the contact if desired.  Instead of the conductive sheet a transparent conductor can be used like indium tin oxide.  A transparent current collector would be good if this was used over the top of solar cells.  There would be a dielectric and then another conductive layer.  Binders and other materials may or may not be used between any or all layers.  This is basically a triboelectric energy harvesting capacitor.  The dielectric can be anything but preferably a mixture of barium titanate and epoxy, thinnest layer possible that prevents electrical conduction between the conductive layers.  Multiple of these capacitance layers can be used.  The charge acquired by triboelectricity is temporarily stored in it's inherent capacitance.  So the minimal amount of layers are triboelectric material, current collector (optional but desired), dielectric, current collector; but a baseplate, preferably polycarbonate can also be used for stability and mounting purposes among other uses.  The two conductive layers can be connected to a capacitor and/or battery to "store" acquired charge.  This connection may or may not use diodes.  If diodes are not used then when the capacitor charges to a high enough voltage the panels dielectric may breakdown and short the panel.  Also these panels can be connected to each-other to increase the area of energy harvesting and intrinsic capacitance.  This connection can be made in any way but preferably would include a resistor on the order of 100 ohm to 1 Mega-ohm so that dangerous large sparks cannot be produced from discharge.  The larger the resistance used the better the intrinsic capacitor needs to be so that it can acquire a high charge without dissipating.  The connection between panels can be made with wire and connectors or even mechanically by conductive surfaces as the panels are placed together or near each-other.  Alternatively they could be connected by way of a shared "baseplate" that multiple panels are placed on or connected to.

The teflon surface itself or the assembly in general can be flat or even include small shapes such as pyramids (circular pyramids or any number of straight sides like square pyramids) stamped into the plastic or panel or made any other way.  Micro/nano pyramids can also be created on the surface of the PTFE teflon by corona discharge treating the surface preferably with a wattage of over 100W in order to make the surface superhydrophobic.  This creates micro pyramid like structures on the surface and will greatly enhance the triboelectric generating potential. For joining the seams between panels and perhaps even the edges of the individual panels themselves a surface protection teflon tape can be used if desired.

This technology can be used for any use, from panels for houses to building scale pyramid models, to energy harvesting groups of structures, to smooth skins for cars, planes, and boats.  It can be used in high, medium, or low atmospheric agitation. Any application of this technology is possible and covered under this open source invention.

Example purchase list and calculations:

185.8312 m height of piece 7316.189 in 11.001 (1:665 scale) <<11">>
115.1833 m leg of piece 4534.776 in 6.819 (1:665 scale) <<6.8">>
1.618034 golden ratio

.002 thick teflon


1/2" teflon tape

Steel for press

rubber for pressing on teflon

1 mil copper

Screen printing frame

Silk screen material


epoxy for PTFE

Barium Titanate

Barium Carbonate


Trump needs to be impeached for launching Syrian War

Wow.  I can't say I'm surprised but I am shocked by what Trump just did.  I thought he was backing off his rhetoric with the "I never said when we would strike!" thing.  But apparently my hope was in vain.  There exists NO EVIDENCE that Assad launched the chemical weapons!  The last time we sent missiles against Syria for using "sarin gas" there still exists to this day NO EVIDENCE that Assad or the Syrian government at all launched the attack!  This was just  announced by Mattis on Feb 2nd!  

If Trump and may and Macron have some "secret evidence" (worked great with "weapons of mass destruction" and "sarin gas attacks" right??) They better f'ing make that evidence public before launching an attack.  That is the LEAST they could do.  In reality the constitution DICTATES that the president CAN ONLY DIRECT THE MILITARY AFTER CONGRESS DECLARES WAR!!! Article I section 8 clause 11.  ANY PRESIDENT THAT LAUNCHES A "MILITARY STRIKE" without congressional approval MUST BE IMPEACHED.  End of story.  Russia would be fully justified to sink any ship that is proved to have launched missiles at bases in Syria.  I hope they don't make the same mistake as Trump and wait until there is public proof as to the identity of the ships that launched the attack.  I wouldn't want to be in the military or large strategic population centers in America right about now as Russia sinking our warships will certainly trigger a WORLD WAR.  Make no mistake, Russia isn't going to turn a blind eye even if no Russians were killed, the way the west has treated Russia has brought Russia to the absolute edge and like a cornered cat they will fight with everything and I mean everything they have even if there is no chance they can win.  You push someone to the edge unjustly like the west has pushed Russia and they will not only risk but sacrifice their lives and the very existence of their country to fight back in TOTAL WAR.

The Unified Theory of Everything, Unified Field Theory

I'm sure you could tell this was coming.  I figured out the unified theory of everything.  So here goes.

"Light" is the elementary particle, at least in our realm of existence there is nothing more basic.  The photon.  So how do photons create matter, the end game?  Quite simply.

Photons orbit.  When photons orbit you create an electron.  An electron is simply orbiting photon(s), nothing more nothing less.  An electron is just a field.  So we could say that electrons as a particle don't even exist.  Electrons are just a little electric field.  So now what do we get when we  have an orbiting electric field (an orbiting electron)?   We get a magnetic field or what I like to call a "magneton".  So we have that.  I will postulate that protium (the simplest hydrogen atom) is a simple magneton.  An orbiting electron is not yet enough to create physical matter.  I think we can define physical matter as something that has weight; inertia that repels a physical force.  So we have a magnetic field, a protium.  And based on this theory I will propose that protium alone does not have physically measurable mass.  People say it has mass but I have yet heard of an experiment that can measure this mass physically.  Now how do we create matter?  Well we have to have an orbiting magneton.  An orbiting magneton is an genoton, also known as a "genotic field", others call it an atom.  It is named geno- for birth or beginning and -ton for small.  Orbiting magnetons, or we can say orbiting protiums, which creates genotons (or atoms), is how matter is generated.  Whether these protiums are rotating around each-other like H2 molecules, or if they attract other magnetons by magnetic attraction (strong nuclear force) and spin around each-other as an atomic nucleus, either way is how matter is generated.  A genoton is a physical object in our world.  This is why atoms are the smallest building blocks of matter, because they are the minimum requirement to "exist" in the physical world...and may be created by as few as two photons.

Knowing this unified field theory, we can use it to create new matter, or destroy the physical world.  But such is any technology, able to be used for good or evil.

-Strong nuclear force likely is magnetic, follows inverse cubed law:


Why people were "mummified" in Ancient Egypt and Inca

Why mummies?  Well the fire in Trump tower revealed the answer to me.  The victim in the fire suffered severe burns and was taken to the hospital but died.  It got me thinking how could we keep these burn victims alive?  Well the thought was to wrap them up right?  Like a mummy?  Oh crap.  What if ancient mummies actually were burn victims?

The answer is that yes they were burn victims.  But how did they get burned?  Remember my last post on how the pyramids work and what do they do?  The pyramid was a giant capacitor.  Anyone at the wrong place at the wrong time around a pyramid or who walked up and touched a pyramid, would get shocked with likely millions of volts.  So could mummies have been struck by this "lightning"?  I did some web searching to see if I could find out.  Here are some links to read through.  One talks of high expression of transglutaminase which is elevated in burn victims, also DMBT-1 which is elevated in infections, and burn victims, if kept alive, will have to fight infections.  Also mummies are covered in bitumen before wrapped so that would make sense as the bitumen would help seal the wounds.

But what really made me drop the mic was this quote in an Inca mummy research "One of the mummies appears to have been struck by lightning".  Wow.  And we know the incan's also had pyramids.  What are the chances that mummies always go along with pyramids, no matter where the pyramids happen to be located?  Also likely people don't notice that egyptian mummies "appear to be struck by lightning" because they are so much older than the Incan mummies and the skin doesn't show the burn marks since it is aged and darkened.

In conclusion I can say with 95%+ confidence  (usually the level at which I "believe" a theory) that ancient mummies were in fact burn victims likely of "priests" and "priestesses" who had the role in society to tend the pyramid duties, much like the priests in Israel had the duty of tending the Arc of the Covenant, and could get electrocuted if they didn't follow protocol.  If they got struck, they would coat the burns in bitumen and wrap them in linens.  They made up a mythology to ease the grieving in society by saying that it was "the will of the gods" and that they would have a special place in the afterlife.  But once people wised up they probably wanted to decommission the pyramids to prevent these tragedies from happening anymore.  But that is what the homo capensis would have wanted...since the pyramids also posed an incredible risk to their levitation craft.

protien expression

acute phase protien

transglutaminase burn healing

struck by lightning


How the pyramids work: Triboelectric generators of electricity

So I finally figured out what pyramids do and how they work.  They generate electricity based on triboelectricity.  Triboelectricity is generated from rubbing dissimilar materials together.  Basically you make static electricity.  Pyramids are optimized shapes for generating this electricity from air.  4 sides and 51.5 degree angle with the ground; and oriented towards the prevailing wind (north in the case of egypt) Basically what you are doing is forcing the air to deflect off of a surface no matter which way the wind is blowing.  The harder the deflection the more electrons you can steal from air.  

Basically you want two things for the coating of the pyramid, very electronegative elements (negative on the triboelectric series) and conductive so you can accumulate and transmit the charge.  The best thing is Teflon to coat the pyramid with since it is ultra low near -200 on the triboelectric series.  However this charge cannot be stored since it isn't conductive.  This is why food doesn't stick to teflon because it steals electrons from your food but since the electrons stay stuck to the teflon and aren't conducted away, the newly acquired electrons repel your food.  So this is bad since we want to harvest the electrons.  Well two other elements are also quite electronegative; carbon and precious metals especially gold.  Copper is a great conductor  and also pretty electronegative.  So we can make a paint that includes PTFE (teflon) powder, graphite powder, and copper powder.  The binder can be liquid latex which is also good at stealing charge.  The paint should not be dilute, because the graphite and copper need to be closely compacted together to transmit electricity.  Ideally you would mix the teflon powder, say 50% with 25% copper powder and 25% graphite powder, sinter that mixture together, and then grind that into a powder and use that by adding that to the liquid latex.  But if that is too much work you can just mix 25% teflon powder with 25% copper powder, 25% graphite powder and roughly 25% liquid latex.  After painted on it should be heat treated to help contract everything together and improve conductivity.  You should use an ohm meter to check.  Another idea is 2 layers of paint; first apply a layer of copper powder with just enough liquid latex mixed in to adhere, then heat treat this with a heat gun, then apply a second layer using 50% graphite and 50% ptfe powder and just enough liquid lates to allow it to adhere, then heat treat this layer with a heat gun.  Make sure your method avoids the formation of cracks in the paint.  The layers should be as thin as possible.

Now the pyramids were made from limestone blocks which is conductive and therefore can conduct charge for us.  Lime mortar is a great way to build our pyramid, and should be made with the minumum amount of water and compacted down if possible, or make the mortar into compacted bricks/blocks and use a thin layer of clay as mortar between the blocks.  The key here is we want it as conductive as possible, so we can use charcoal chunks as filler material in the lime mortar, and also coil or strew some bare copper wire (no insulation) around the mix as well.  The key here is we want to transfer all the charge to the base of the pyramid described below (the top copper sheet).

The pyramid should be insulated from ground.  The pyramids used Basalt as foundation material, and basalt is a much better electrical insulator than even fiberglass.  On top of that basalt layer (so contacting the pyramid) ideally you will have a very conductive plate or sheeting like copper.  This Basalt insulator is key so that the pyramids charge can be stored and not bleed off to ground.  Below the basalt you should have another sheet of copper.  Water will naturally be drawn from the ground toward the charged pyramid just like water in your faucet is drawn to a charged comb: and you have a passive water pump if you so choose.  However, you want to prevent the water from infiltrating cracks in your basalt layer, because if the water touches the top conductive layer (copper sheet) of your pyramid it will discharge the stored electricity. Also you can charge a capacitor or battery by connecting the top copper sheet to one end of a capacitor, and the bottom copper sheet to the other end of the capacitor.  The top copper sheet is your negative electrode and the bottom copper sheet is your positive.

And there you have it.  The pyramid is twofold, a triboelectric generator and a basic capacitor all in one.  Also a well.  And now you know how the pyramid works and why they were built all across the world.

WARNING:  During a sandstorm your pyramid will generate MUCH more electricity than normal!  This is because the sand striking the pyramid will give us much more electricity than air alone.  Stand clear, because if you touch the pyramid, it may kill you like the Ark of the Covenant!


The mark of the beast will be invisible: Don't get it!

The mark of the beast will be an invisible 3D QR code that will be tattooed onto the hand or forehead.  It will use primarily invisible IR (infared) ink mixed with tiny wafers or crystals of gallium arsenide or indium gallium arsenide.  An infrared detector will be used to read it.  The wafers will be excited with an electromagnetic field or pulse in which the gallium arsenide will emit a characteristic IR frequency of roughly 830 or 870 nm.  Since the depth of the crystals, size of the crystals, and location of the crystals will be randomly distributed, it will be virtually impossible to replicate.  When you get the mark they will need two forms of biometric id, likely facial recognition and fingerprint recognition or DNA sample in the case of children.  That way in case the mark was ever removed and stolen, your true identity can be verified and you could get a new mark.  Thieves could take a graft of your skin and keep it alive in cell culture media and/or graft it onto an animal.  This is because the infrared detector can tell if the tissue is dead by heat signatures.  They could even look at blood vessels to make sure grafts couldn't work, but I doubt that security will be included at least at first.

The 2D infrared QR code will be your unique public key, and the unique 3D locations of the crystals will be hashed into your un-replicable private key to verify your identity and sign your transactions.

So why not get it?  Well besides the obvious reasons like violating your 4th amendment right and your biblical mandate not to get it, it is also toxic.  Every time you are scanned some gallium arsenide will break down and enter your body.  Arsenic has the tendency to cause malignant sores across your body.  "Killing the chip" by zapping it with high power will also release large amounts of the arsenic and may even kill so that should not be done.  Criminals will likely try to exploit this fact as well.  To remove the mark safely it would have to be done surgically.  Also the government and/or corporations will know your private key and can use it or shut it down.  It will just require that the peons, you and me, would have to present the mark to be verified in order to allow your private key to work.  You may know your private key but likely you wouldn't be able to use it directly to authorize purchases, you would have to display the mark.  So it isn't as empowering as it seems because the government and/or corporations would know your private key, could steal your money for taxes or whatnot, even shut down your account because they can bypass the security built into the mark and just use your private key directly.  Sounds fair eh?  And you thought the airport scanners made you feel naked...


Behold the second beast of Revelation 13; Martin O'Malley

Long before Xi Jinping became the most powerful chinese president after Mao Zedong, I declared that he was the first beast of Revelation.  This was based on a dream that I had around 11 years ago.


Well I had another dream.  And this one even more clear than the first, that Martin O'Malley is the second beast of Revelation which some also refer to as the antichrist.

The dream was this.  A man that was well dressed and polished was speaking in kind of a jokingly way, very charismatic.  He was a tanned white man.  Two men were watching him, sort of FBI types.  Then the man speaking said profanities and it surprised at least one of the men.  The man speaking invited them on an airplane with him.  I got the impression he was a pilot or owned a plane.  I saw the state of Maryland like that was where this person was from or resides.  I saw two green snakes with yellow bellies coiled up into two 6's on the man or in relation to him and was told that they referred to him.  I then saw a bronze snake, the same type of snake as the other two but different color, in my face and I woke up.  I interpreted the 66 snakes as saying this man was the second beast.

So I searched for Maryland governors.  The current Maryland governor was not the man in my dream.  But the previous governor Martin O'Malley matched the person I saw in my dream.  He looks very very similar to the man in my dream.  This is supported by the fact both his mom and dad were pilots, and he probably is one too.  Also he said "bullshit" in one of his campaigns and it endeared him to many people.  He also ran for president and was third behind clinton and sanders.  People may think of him as a cross between JFK and Obama and won't be afraid to take his shirt off like Putin.

My prediction based on this prophetic dream is that he becomes president in 2024.  At that time Xi Jinping will have already done his work as the first beast.  Martin O'Malley will be the one to chip all americans and perhaps the world.


The true health effects of Magnetic Fields and how to use them as medicine

Magnetic fields simply do one thing: They free hemeoglobin in the blood.  Moving magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields will basically rip hemoglobin out of red blood cells.  We don't have any red blood cells in our brain so it doesn't effect the brain very much especially since the nerves are well insulated so electric charges likely aren't developed in most cases.  So what does this free hemoglobin cause?  Well it causes the explosive growth of clostridium bacteria.  This bacteria causes seizures and twitches and also pin like pains all over your body.  Also if the magnetic fields disrupt the rbc's in the bone marrow the clostridium may move in to the bone marrow and cause leukemia.  How do we kill this bacteria?  Well adaptogens.  Take gynostemma extract and tribulus terrestris extract together.  TT increases adaptogen bioavailability.  Also you may want to chelate the excess iron using L-histadine and L-cystiene.

How can we use magnetic fields as medicine?  Well some people with hemochromatosis or high iron want to get rid of this iron.  you can use pulsed magnetic fields to non-invasively (like sucking out the persons blood) disrupt the blood cells and use iron chelation therapy to remove the excess iron from the body.  You can also just do chelation with L-histadine and L-cystiene which will slowly work but destroying the blood cells with magnetic fields can free up more iron to be chelated.

The true health effects of Glyphosate and roundup and how to chelate and treat it naturally

I was exposed to glyphosate by inhaling a fully vaporized form in a public place while they were mass spraying.  I recorded all my symptoms for your benefit.


in order of occurrence after inhalation of glyphosate

1. lightheaded
2. agitation/moodiness
3. trouble concentrating
4. headache
5. forgetfulness
6. itchy eyes, skin
7. loss of balance/coordination
8. heart palpitations
9. lymphnode pain
10. inner ear pain

All resolved within a day of atropine and oxime support therapy except lymphnode pain which is ongoing days later.

during oxime therapy requires potassium bicarbonate for the oxime support to work.  Pain comes back to inner ear and heart during oxime therapy and pain leaves lymphnode (on my right side).

It appears the glyphosate induces pathogenicity in gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes.  Anti-gram positive therapy is necessary in glyphosate treatment: adaptogens.

If you are chronically exposed and do not chelate the glyphosate by taking a combination of L-histadine, L-cystiene, L-Tryptophan (or likely tyrosine, valine isovaline, other hydrophobic aminos, etc), potassium bicarbonate; and also take adaptogens like gynostemma (triterpenoid saponins) along with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestrus to enhance bioavailability, then you will develop pathogenic gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes causing non-hodgkins lymphoma.

When you can't live by your ideals sustainably you must live by your ideals radically

For every bad radical there is a good radical.

Why do we have the corrupt and murderous FBI again?  Reddit already figured out the prime suspect of the austin bomber:

He came forward on reddit, proved he is the bomber by predicting the next bomb, the fire bomb at goodwill:

 We the people are how nature intended resistance to bad people.  The FBI and government are useless.  He came forward to we the people and we the people figured out who it was and we the people are who should take care of his just and merciful punishment.  Whenever you give a person or group of people a monopoly on anything even law and order, there is corruption, inefficiency, and murder.  Governments are historically the biggest mass murderers in history.  We the people need to take this power back.

As you may have noticed I too am a radical, but a radical for good.  I realized that it is impossible to live sustainably according to my ideals in this society.  It is very sad because my ideals are the constitution and declaration of independence to the 'T'.  If there was anywhere on earth you would expect a person like me to be able to live according to their ideals it is in America.  Since this is not the case, and I cannot live sustainably in privacy (4th amendment), able to speak my mind freely about what causes and cures disease (1st amendment) cannot follow my pursuit of happiness to treat people with safe, effective, natural cures for their ailments (I would get sued by the FDA); I have to not focus on creating a sustainable life; since life for me in this society is not sustainable; but rather forge a radical life.  Forge a life that will work in pulling the linchpin out of this society and watching it crumble.  The Austin bomber wants to watch the world burn.  I want to watch the world shine.  Like our founding fathers I want to watch the bonds of evil, corruption, and centralization fall off the slaves (you and me who work as slaves for the system).  I want to watch the good in people rise up to overwhelm the darkness in high places.  I want to empower the people to defend their own privacy (cryotocurrency) and defend themselves (magnetic unity).  I will live my life radically in self sacrifice to achieve these ends.  And I will give it everything I have to bring us one step closer to this ideal.

When you can't live sustainably, you must live radically.


Magnetic Unity Decouples Magnetic Fields

I have written a couple articles on Magnetic Unity.  I have described it as a 5 dimensional magnetic field but here I include anything higher than 5D as well.  1D is an electron spin.  2D is a moving electron with a constant velocity (electricity in a straight wire).  3D is an accelerating electron which is a magnetic dipole (electricity in a loop/winding).  4D is a dipole moving with a constant velocity (magnet moving or pulsed magnetic field). 5D is a dipole undergoing a constant acceleration (orbiting dipole). 6D is a dipole with jerk, an orbiting dipole that is speeding up its orbit and/or its orbit shrinking (probably how a quasar works)... or a moving orbit with a constant velocity, like a helix.  7D is an accelerating orbital dipole or a orbital dipole orbiting around an additional center. For 7D think of the earth as a dipole that is orbiting the sun and then the sun orbiting around something else.  This would create 7D magnetic field out of the earths magnetic field.  Another option for 7D magnetics is an  oscillating helix; an orbiting dipole that is also bouncing up and down.  This is one way to accelerate an orbiting dipole.  This is likely how a lightsaber would work and also a pulsar.  To make this into a blaster you could just have a helix of electromagets where each one is activated in sucession and this sucession speeding up, or the gap between the electromagnets getting larger.  Likely you will also need a central electromagnet or pulsed electromagnet whose field you will be spinning with the activated electromagnets.  The plasma is then shot through this field like a bullet through a rifled barrel.

"Magnetic Unity" is defined as technology that wholly or in part utilizes 5D or higher magnetics aka spiral magnetic fields.

Now we know what these other dimensional magnetic fields do.  3D is a typical north-south magnetic field.  4D can be used to induce current in a wire via induction.  But what does 5D - Magnetic Unity - do?  What special traits does a 5D magnetic field have? Before I alluded to the aspects of science and technology that it will impact and what it can do, but I never really described how exactly it can do that and therefore what is special about these fields.  But I believe I have now found the answer.

5D magnetic fields decouple.  We know of magnets as having a north and south pole and magnetic field lines go from one pole to the other.  In 5D and higher magnetic fields, this begins to break down.  This is especially true when you inject plasma into the field.  Plasma, aka gaseous ions, can pull the field lines out of 5D magnetic fields and partially or fully decouple them from their originating poles.  This happens in pulsars (possibly 6D), quasars (possibly 6D), interplanetary magnetic fields, even CME's and solar flares.  Acceleration weakens the coupling of magnetic field lines to their north and south poles and plasma can help more fully decouple them to produce spiral magnetic fields.

By the way, if you study naturehacker's 4th and 5th laws you will see that these spiral magnetic fields coupled with plasma are how spacecraft could be powered in space.  Rockets in space are a joke and fail based on naturehacker's 4th law.  Spiral magnetic fields entraining plasma is how spacecraft can actually be powered that agrees with naturehacker's 4th.

Of course weapons can be made utilizing 5 and 6 dimensional magnetic fields.  Plasma guns and cannons can likely be made with 5D (orbital) magnetic fields as my previous posts have detailed.  6D  (oscillating helical) magnetic fields likely can produce beam or ray weapons and perhaps even a lightsaber.


Transition to Monero completing NOW

I am no longer going to accept credit or debit cards, only monero or cash in the mail.  If you haven't seen it yet please read this post:


Today I am canceling my merchant account so it is last call to make a purchase with central banker money!


Magnetic Unity

Magnetic Unity (MU pronounced mew) is a new technology that is defined as technology that utilizes spiral magnetic fields.  Spiral magnetic fields are created by orbiting (moving in a circle, not necessarily around something) dipole(s).  These dipoles can be anything including permanent magnets or electromagnets or pulsed field magnets or any other type of dipole.  Unity is referring to "roots of unity" which are numbers that describe a field that are equally spaced around a circle.

Magnetic Unity, utilizing spiral magnetic fields can and will revolutionize many scientific and technological fields including:

Chemical synthesis and reaction catalysis

Muon catalyzed atomic fusion and hot fusion

Evolution/adaptation/creation/intelligent design

Medicine and health, immunity, life extension

Productivity and crop yield

worldwide independence movements, decentralization, self determination

self defense 

cosmology, astronomy, planetary science

physics electricity and magnetism

information technology and communication

Sleep, dreams, inspiration

energy generation and storage

Telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, entanglement

high speed travel, time effects "time travel"

Gravity, anti-gravity, levitation, tractor beam

What is it and how does it work?  One way to look at it is a 5 dimensional magnetic field.  A 1D magnetic field is simply electron spin.  2D magnetic field is electron moving through a wire.  3D is a orbiting electron; a standard dipole.  4D is a moving dipole.  5D is an orbiting dipole; a tripole.

What can it do?  Many things as outlined above.  Electrons are life and Magnetic Unity technology is how electrons (or other charged particles) are controlled effectively to create life.  The sun works entirely on Magnetic unity principles; from the solar wind to the heliospheric current sheet, to solar flares - they all utilize spiral magnetic fields aka magnetic unity technology.

It can also be used in future weapons that will work against humans and machines.  A solar flare type weapon would use magnetic unity technology coupled with plasma. The spiral magnetic field works as rifling to eject and propel the plasma which is controlled inside the emanating field.  See picture below for an example of how this can work.  An electromagnet and/or pulsed field magnet in the center that the torus/ring of plasma coming off the rail gun or propane popper (or any other method or device to make plasma) will go around.  Pulsed field magnets (or electromagnets, or even moving permanent magnets) around the periphery being activated in a circular or spiral or rotary fashion will spin the plasma and entrain it in the magnetic field.  The plasma will likely pull the spiral field out of the nozzle as well further enhancing the plasma ejection range.  You can think of this like an AC motor but instead of spinning a rotor we are spinning a magnetic field or pulsed field within which we can entrain plasma or any other magnetically manipulable matter.

A central dipole need not exist, simply one dipole orbiting around a central point or central line/axis is enough.  Also two or three or more of these dipoles can all orbit around each-other or a central point or points or axis or axes.  This central point or axis may or may not have a dipole in it.   The dipoles may not actually be orbiting per-say but, like an AC motor, where electromagnet dipoles are activated in a sequence to mimic the effect that they are orbiting.  Also if more than one dipole is being activating at once the times may or may not be offset so that there is always magnetic field present in the system.  A "trailing path" effect can also be used where there is always one dipole fully activated and leading and trailing dipoles that are in the process of activating or deactivating.  One or multiple of these effects can be happening simultaneously or offset in time.  This can be combined with any other methods.

The magnetic field can be constant and orbiting, or can be alternating or varying in any way while orbiting.  The varying orientation of the fields can be periodic or non-periodic or anything else.

Also/instead of the above an AC induction coil may be used.  In this the magnetic field is oscillating back and forth "forward and backward" however so likely will not lend itself to parting with the field as well as orbiting magnetic fields detailed above.

The dipoles around the periphery can be any angle in 3 dimensions with respect to the central dipole or eachother.  Ideally the same poles between periphery dipoles and central dipole wold be 90 degrees offset or less, depending on the length of the dipoles and perhaps other factors.  Bismuth is the best material to use for the outer shell because it repels magnetic field and is mostly non electrically conductive.  Certain types of carbon or graphite would also be good.  Highly magnetically permeable materials like iron would be bad because it diverts the magnetic field lines away from the center.  Repelling fields work to amplify magnetic fields in the opposite direction.

Magnetic unity technology can also include in addition to, or use as a replacement for, magnets (dipoles) or augmenting the magnets; charged bodies such as but not limited to charged metal half spheres or charged metal needles.  This can be used for, but not limited to; creating, changing, or adding to plasma.  The charge can be steady or preferably pulsed.  Magnetic fields, especially spiral magnetic fields, may also be used in this process.  The plasma may be able to be captured, created, or added to in a sort of spherelike or opposing circular pyramidlike structure (or open structure) where ionization is performed by these charged needles or half spheres or any other shape.  Gas may also be injected or added in this process or in the standard process described in previous paragraphs.

*que the Veracocha - carte blanche !*


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In the upcoming months I am going to cancel the credit and debit card processing on my site.  I think it is baloney that not only do I have to pay a roughly 4% fee on every payment that you give (I have to pay even more when you use a "rewards " card, more total bullshit), but also I have to pay $60 a month just to maintain the ability or should I say "privilege" to process payments.  What bullshit.  Not only that but the IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA and any other bullshit unconstitutional federal agency justified by having a 3 letter cat-call gets to peep in - hold the lube.

Well that shitshow is over.  Bye Mueller and your dumbass white shoed jackboot thugs (holla at my boy Sam Nunberg and Roger Stone, true American heroes trying to save the republic).  But money is now the peoples and the government can't do shit about it.  The fourth amendment is back, Jack.  Take that and shove it you bureaucratic scum.

Here's how this will work.  You send me Monero.  I send you a gift certificate for my site.  The value of the certificate in dollars will be the highest daily average between when I receive the monero and when I issue you the coupon code.  So if I take a few days to send you a code, then there is just more chance that I will owe you more.  So it's an incentive for me to act fast.  That coupon code is then good for purchases on the site.

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The Inertial Field Defined

An inertial field is a spiral magnetic field that arises from orbiting magnets.  The sun is a prime example of this.  Likely there are dipoles (3 it appears from studying the "heliospheric current sheet 2001 till 2009" video on youtube) orbiting each other in the sun producing the interplanetary magnetic field which combined with the solar wind produces  the heliospheric current sheet.

These magnets can be oriented in any fashion but  most likely will end upbeing   parallel with the north poles aligned.

Here is a view from the top if they were instead perpendicular.

The key about this is that as the magnets orbit each-other there is produced a spiral magnetic field which can in theory significantly increase the reach of the field.  Kind of like rifling the barrel of a gun.

The reason it is named "inertial" field is because it takes inertia to keep magnetic dipoles like this from joining together.  The magnets would tend to want to "stick" together.  But with centrifugal force (inertia) from rotation the dipoles are kept separated.  The magnetic attraction likely produces the centripetal force keeping the dipoles together.  Suns, star clusters, galaxies, even black holes are the same according to this theory, they are all just varying degrees of inertial field generators.  The inertial field is likely what makes life and all physical laws including gravity.


Guns are obsolete

Are you worried that these false flag mass shootings are bieng orchestrated to disarm americans?  You have something bigger to worry about.  Do you really think the government would use humans to take over for them?  Too risky.  What they are gearing up to do is use AI to do it and have plausible deniablility.  How are your guns going to protect you from AI?  Most likely they won't in any efficient fashion.  What you really need for protection is an inductive pulse magnifier.  It is designed based on principles from Nikola Tesla's magnifying transmitter.  What it will do is create a pulsed electromagnetic field to disrupt AI.  Be very careful especially around medicsl devices or other peoples property.  If you enclose it in metal it is legal because there will be no rf frequency emmitted, it is just a magnet.  Here is the open source design:


UBER's plan to price humans out of the ridesharing game

We all know intuitively that UBER wants to replace human drivers for robot autonomous vehicles.  Humans are expensive and they take most of the ridesharing profit. UBER has been announcing testing of autonomous vehicles and we all know that they would make more money by having self-driving cars.  The question of "how much money" though was in the air.  But big corporations and secret societies always want certainty that they can bank on (or bet on more precisely).  Well that certainty has just arrived.  UBER just limited human drivers/cars to 50% efficiency.  How?  By limiting Drivers allowed time behind a wheel to 12 hours out of every 24 hours.  This means at a maximum, human drivers and cars can be only 50% as efficient as self driving ones.  Now that is a variable that has been fixed so their profitability equation can be accurate.

What will this do ultimately?  Well obviously it makes human drivers less competitive.  Now what happens when uber reduces their prices by 50%?  Human drivers would no longer be competitive and would become unprofitable in many cases.  Humans will just be used for surge prices when autonomous cars can't keep up with demand.  What this will also do is reduce demand for cars in general since ride-sharing will be so cheap.  Car makers will then shift to autonomous vehicle production since they will be the only types of cars that make good profit.

Well that's the plan, at least.

Oh and I just did a search after writing this; and it appears my read was 100% accurate:

What causes my heart to skip beats?

It is caused by oxidative stress of the heart.  The root of this is five fold.  Definitly high saturated fat foods especially milk based ones.  Also iron overload.  But on a deeper level it is tuberculosis especially bovine tuberculosis namely Mycobacterium Bovis.  This bacteria is also often in dairy.  Also streptococcus bacteria can also be involved.

In order to stop your heart skipping use a blend of essential oils taken internally several drops at a time.  Some essential oils that kill TB are:
juniper berry
garlic oil (not so good allicin better)
nutmeg (eugenol)
cinnamon cassia
rosemary oil (a pinene)

to make a 1 oz bottle use 4-5 droppers full of thr above oils and mix into a new 1oz bottle

The way I lower my iron is by taking a teaspoon of L-histidine, a tsp of L-cystiene.  Then a few hours later follow with a tsp of potassium bicarbonate.

Kill streptococcus with adaptogens and steroidal saponins; like a combo of tribulus terrestrus and gynostemma.


The true reason why the 2017/2018 flu is different this year

I am very busy lately trying to make my own cryptocurrency and build CPU crypto miners so I put off posting about this flu season. But today when I learned it was killing kids I knew I had to speak up and get this info out.


The reason? Because of this:


Why? Because it is legal. In the past the CDC had to create the years flu virus with old technology, but now it is free to create and spread new deadly viruses. The flu this year is different and the reason for that is because it infects gram positive bacteria like strep instead of gram negative bacteria like ecoli. Traditional flu caused by gram negative bacteria is really easy to prevent or cure, simply take food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal since this kills the host bacteria in the intestines. This year however, since it infects gram positive bacteria, these methods don't work. The way to tame this years flu is with herbs that kill gram positive bacteria, specifically triterpenoid saponins from herbs like gynostemma and ginseng and eleuthero, with absorption enhancer (steroidal saponin) like tribulus or sarsaparilla. These are natural biological soaps that kill gram positive bacteria. Combine this with thyme or oregano essential oil for a very powerful combo. Even big pharma sales people (doctors) are pushing antibiotics for this flu which is smart (except their antibiotics are fungal based and carcinogenic so stick to herbs).

Anyway that's about it email naturehackerproducts@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Credit/Debit cards will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED!

I will be transitioning off credit/debit card payments and only accepting cryptocurrency in the future.  This transition is probably a few months off and will proceed by me posting my Monero address for you to send payments to.  The shopping cart will still work to keep track of what you are buying and total up the price, but payment will only be accepted as Monero.  You are going to need to learn how to acquire monero and send it if you want to continue to buy from me.  You will thank me for this later as Monero will reach up to $1000 a coin in the future.  You do not need to buy or send a whole coin, it is divisible into small fractions.

The easiest way to buy monero would probably be to create a Kraken.com account where you can buy monero with dollars.  XMR is the ticker. 

Other cryptocurrencies will likely be accepted in the future but for now Monero only.

Comment below and let me know what you think.  Cryptocurrency is the future and if you don't get into it now you risk loosing lots of money in the future.  China is stopping buying US bonds and is instead buying cryptocurrencies (especially the one they are creating) so the dollar will crash.  If you save money in dollars you will loose lots of value.  Monero is the most mainstream extremely private and untraceable cryptocurrency which will gain lots of value when crypto becomes more regulated in the future.


Transept: Faster and Safer Segwit alternative

Bitcoin has a 10 minute block time and a 1 mb maximum blocksize.  This was arbitrarily set before research was done to find out exactly how long block transmission time would be across the entire network.  It was discovered that this transmission time is not negligible; roughly 40 seconds for 95% of nodes to receive  the block.

This means that the last person or group to mine a block has up to a 40 second head start before various other miners have a chance to start.  What this does is make the blocktime very important, the longer the blocktime the less percentage of head-start some miners would have over others.  Effectively what this head start accomplishes is a smaller that 50% majority is needed to be able to attack the network and also that larger miners and perhaps pools would mine a disproportionatly greater amount of blocks per hashrate.

So the thought would be that we can get around this by increasing the size of blocks to be bigger than 1 mb so we can get more transactions verified while still keeping the blocktime long so that their isn't much unfair advantage to larger miners.  The problem is that one of the factors that increases the time a block takes to propagate across the network is the blocksize.  According to the same paper linked above; for blocks larger than 20kb it is about 1/4 second longer to propagate the network per extra kilobyte of blocksize.  So it is not a good solution to speed up transactions and keep Bitcoin decentralized by simply increasing the blocksize like what was done in Bitcoin Cash.

Segwit was an idea to reduce the size of transaction data so that more transactions can be transmitted at once without changing the blocksize (much) and also not changing the blocktime.  This would be an ideal solution in theory and provide faster transactions without changing the decentalization aspects of having a long blocktime and small blocks.

The way segwit accomplishes this is by separating the signatures from the transaction data.  According to the whitepaper; miners can verify transactions without thier appropriate signature data existing.  The transactions can even post to the blockchain with a valid hash and not have the signatures transmitted until a later date.

This introduces the possibility of the "anyone can spend" bug since signatures are not a universally verified part of the main blockchain.  The counter argument is that non-mining nodes wouldn't let the bug happen.  However the original bitcoin whitepaper clearly shows that the longest chain wins -- and non-mining nodes do not add to the blockchain thus their fork will likely loose.  Also as I have discussed on the forums lately (my avatar is ir.hn), it also means that if it becomes more profitable for miners to skip verifying the signatures to save time to get started mining a block faster, they may do so.  This is because the signatures are not included in the hash, so transaction hashes can be verified without the signature data.  If miners ever decided en-masse to skip the signature verification step it would seriously compromise the security of the network and inevitably lead to the collapse of Bitcoin.

For a while I thought the only way to properly scale Bitcoin is to keep a small blocksize and long blocktime and to have bitcoin clone forks that trust each-others transactions. This method would probably work but create possible fungibility issues between the clones.

However I decided to believe that it would be possible to achieve scaling within bitcoin so I set out to develop a better way than the risky Segwit.

What I came up with I will call Transept; short for "transaction separation".  The point of this method is the fact that people making transactions have already broadcast their transactions to the whole network and the miners need not do this all over again everytime.  The idea of transept is simple; only the transactions' final hash is recorded in the main blockchain.  This means not only is the signature data missing from the blockchain like with segwit, but also all the transaction data is missing from the blockchain.  So this method would allow more transactions per block than segwit but how could this possibly be safer than segwit since there is more data missing? The reason it is safer is because to verify the hash, ALL of the transaction data including the signatures MUST be verified.  This means the miner who receives the block must have all of the full transactions on file to verify that the final transaction hashes by the previous block winner is valid.  So in other words, all miners need to save all the recent transaction data locally but need not broadcast this information again across the network.  So the benefits are: more transactions per block without increasing the blocksize, and thus faster payments and lower fees.  The downside is that the blockchain will be a little harder to search.  The good part is that the full transaction information will be saved somewhere outside the blockchain and the data they have recorded can be fully verified by the hash recorded in the broadcast blockchain.  So if you have the transaction hash of when you sent sally 1 BTC; you can search for the transaction from whoever has it saved and get all the details, and verify yourself that the details are correct; that the hash of all that data is equivalent to the hash recorded in the blockchain.  So you know their record was true.

So how this would work would be as follows.  Bob wants to send 1 bitcoin to sally.  He knows sally's public address.  Bob broadcasts his proposed transaction; sending 1 btc to sally's public address and then signs the transaction with his private key.  All of this data will be broadcast over the entire network to everyone.  Now a miner hears this and saves this and puts this transaction into his next block, however he doesn't put all of that info into the next block, he just hashes all of that transaction's data using sha-256 or whichever algorithm.  So his input into the hash is bob's signature, sallys public key, the transaction amount, and the previous transaction's hash.  He hashes all of this together and it gives a single number (hash).  This number is then added to the blockchain and is broadcast when the miner wins the next block, but all the transaction details are not broadcast.  Each transaction itself will not have its very own timestamp, it will simply carry the timestamp of the whole block.  This shouldn't be a problem as it will be within 10 minutes of the actual time and the miner would make sure that they don't include "double spends"; for example if bob has .08 bitcoin and tries to send .08 to sally and also .08 to billy, the miner sees both these transactions and only recognizes the first send he sees and not the second, or recognizes none of them or recognizes the second spend.  I suppose that call is up to the miner.  If a timestamp is desired for each transaction that would have to be broadcast with each individual transaction hash in the broadcast blockchain and would add size to the broadcast transaction since this timestamp can't be included in the hash since other miners wouldn't easily be able to figure out the timestamp you gave the transaction.  I personally believe that transaction hashes don't need to be broadcast with timestamps so long as the miner doesn't allow double spending attempts (which other miners would be able to verify that no double spending was allowed).  The transaction hash would be associated with the timestamp of the block it was included in.

Miners would see the broadcast hashes in a broadcast block and be able to verify these hashes are correct and line up with the transactions they themselves heard over the network since the last block.  The way they save all the detailed transaction information they hear over the network would likely be on a local (on their own computer) database.  This database would be small and temporary and only include transactions that they have heard that have not yet been included in a broadcast block.  Once the transactions have been included in a broadcast block, they would be removed from this database.

Another type of database would also need to be maintained locally on miners computers.  This is a database of all the current public keys of all wallets with an unspent bitcoin balance and what that balance is.  This "current balance" database would only be updated when a broadcast block is recieved and verified, then they would update this database accordingly so that each wallet's balance is current.

A third database would be optional to maintain, but would be very important nonetheless.  A historical database that records a detailed account of every transaction that ever occured and was confirmed.  This database would contain, for example in the bob-to-sally transaction, sally's public key, the amount bieng sent, and bob's signature, and possibly the previous transaction's hash.  As discussed previously, this account can be verified by matching the hash of these transaction details with the corresponding hash recorded in the blockchain.  Thus a supposed historical database can be verified by matching it to the broadcast blockchain.

Since this third database isn't needed to mine, all that a miner would need to download to get started would be the database containing the balances of every wallet, and the broadcast blockchain which would only contain a single number (hash) representing every transaction.  This broadcast blockchain would be much smaller than an equivalent length blockchain in it's current form.  Thus a miner could get started mining very quickly.

So only the single hash representing the transaction is added to the blockchain.  Now in order for a miner to validate the transaction they must have also heard that bob-to-sally transaction be broadcast originally and have saved that transaction.  When they see the hash of that transaction in the next block they can verify that it is correct with the transaction data they have saved for the bob-to-sally transaction.  All mining and non-mining nodes would be able to do this and would have to do this to verify it.  This full verification would be near instant just like verification is now without segwit.

In this system wallets would not have to be full nodes.  Wallets wouldn't need to see the 

In conclusion, the main blockchain does not to have the full version of all the transaction data, public key, and signature.  Having just the hash of all of this data together would be enough.  It will become a lucrative buisness to run a "transaction search engine" that saves all the intricate transaction details