Why does my heart keep skipping beats? Get ready to dig deep for a cure

Heart skipping a beat is a problem that can become serious over time called atrial fibrilation.  It is also called heart palpitations.  Well I have figured out just about every factor so here's a list.

1. Saturated fat

2.  Gluten

3. Heliobacter pylori

4.  Streptococcus

5. Haemophilis influenzae

6. Reducing blood pressure (taking potassium) exacerbates it.

7.  High iron.

8. Low omega 3s in diet.

If your heart is skipping beats you need to do one of 3 things:

1. Change your diet by going on a low gluten and low fat diet and eating low iron foods and eating dairy at every meal (to prevent iron absorption).

2. Stat killing bacteria like Rambo.

3.  A mixture of 1. and 2.

As far as killing bacteria, adaptogens like gynostemma combined with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestris will kill the streptococcus.  H pylori is killed with wheatgrass juice powder and/or carrot seed essential oil taken internally.  H. Influenzae is killed with mint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil taken internally.

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