How to travel faster than the speed of light by rarefying space

Ah yes the speed limit of the speed of light.

It was just discovered that by slowing down photons sufficiently they stick together.  Researchers say that this can create photon molecules.  What they don't yet realize is that these stuck together photons already exist around us and through us and we cannot sense them since they are not moving!  We can only detect photons when they are moving.  This field of stuck together photons is called Space or the Aether.

Can we disrupt space so that we can break the speed limit of the speed of light?  Easily.  Once you discover the root cause of a problem you are 99% closer to solving it.  Well now that we know what space is exactly we can easily disrupt it.  Photons are suseptible to magnetic fields.  What we can do locally is use high frequency pulsed magnetic fields or principles of Magnetic Unity (see previous posts) to dissolve this molecular matrix of photons and slide through it without having to ride it.  It is like the difference of surfing versus a torpedo.  Surfing you are limited by the water wave propogation speed (analogous to the speed of light) but if you can part the hydrogen bonds of water (analogous to dissolving or rarefying the photon field of space) you can travel through space, not "on top of it" and go much faster than the wave propogation speed.  Just be careful whatever you do that you don't slide into the center of the earth (like what happened in the philadelphia experiment)!  Also you will need protection from the field in the form of a capsule that has alternating layers of superconductor and ferromagnetic material.  A simple iteration of this is copper sheeting and iron sheeting cooled with liquid nitrogen.


Ambient Atmospheric Triboelectric Generator - Tribogon - open source hardware patent

Herin is described a method to make a triboelectric generator that generates electricity under ambient atmospheric conditions and also a method to make highly optimized triboelectric generating structures from a single shape panel or many shapes or large pieces as a skin.  This idea was inspired by the way the egyptian pyramids functioned as triboelectric generators and also the natural pyramids that inspired the egyptians to use the shape to electrically pull groundwater to the surface of the earth.  Recently research into triboelectric nanogenerators revealed that pyramids are the optimum shape for triboelectric surfaces.

The Seked.  It is the building block of a modern pyramid.  This shape can be used to tessellate and make the entire surface of a pyramid.  The optimized shape is likely defined as a right triangle whose perpendicular sides are a ratio; 1 and 1.618034. This is roughly the values of the Great Pyramid and is the golden ratio.  This right triangle can be used as panels to create a pyramid structure.  Any shape can be used for this triboelectric generator but the seked may be optimum for many uses.  Left and Right handed versions would be required if a golden seked is used.

This panel should  be able to connect to other panels electrically and perhaps mechanically, but this is not required.  This panel by virtue of its shape can be used to create small pyramids that are a part of the surface of large pyramids, a sort of fractal design if desired.  This can even be used in ambient or high relative motion underwater conditions or in air or elevated above the earth at any altitude even space if desired if certain design considerations like sealing out the elements are taken.

The panel would consist of a layer of thin preferably Teflon PTFE or another triboelectric material preferably .001 thick, but any thickness would work.  What this teflon or any other material layer does is collect charges from the atmosphere or water or anything else.  This layer may or may not contain other materials like carbon to make it conductive or anything else.  This layer may or may not be, but preferably would be, joined tightly to a current collector such as a metal or carbon based sheet.  This joining may include preferably barium titanate and/or carbon of some size mixed with a binder (or no binder) to adhere if desired the teflon with the conductive sheet preferably copper or copper mesh.  If a binder (glue) is used preferably the binder will set while pressure is being applied as to assure a very close contact.  Or if no binder is used a mechanical framing can be used to apply pressure to the contact if desired.  Instead of the conductive sheet a transparent conductor can be used like indium tin oxide.  A transparent current collector would be good if this was used over the top of solar cells.  There would be a dielectric and then another conductive layer.  Binders and other materials may or may not be used between any or all layers.  This is basically a triboelectric energy harvesting capacitor.  The dielectric can be anything but preferably a mixture of barium titanate and epoxy, thinnest layer possible that prevents electrical conduction between the conductive layers.  Multiple of these capacitance layers can be used.  The charge acquired by triboelectricity is temporarily stored in it's inherent capacitance.  So the minimal amount of layers are triboelectric material, current collector (optional but desired), dielectric, current collector; but a baseplate, preferably polycarbonate can also be used for stability and mounting purposes among other uses.  The two conductive layers can be connected to a capacitor and/or battery to "store" acquired charge.  This connection may or may not use diodes.  If diodes are not used then when the capacitor charges to a high enough voltage the panels dielectric may breakdown and short the panel.  Also these panels can be connected to each-other to increase the area of energy harvesting and intrinsic capacitance.  This connection can be made in any way but preferably would include a resistor on the order of 100 ohm to 1 Mega-ohm so that dangerous large sparks cannot be produced from discharge.  The larger the resistance used the better the intrinsic capacitor needs to be so that it can acquire a high charge without dissipating.  The connection between panels can be made with wire and connectors or even mechanically by conductive surfaces as the panels are placed together or near each-other.  Alternatively they could be connected by way of a shared "baseplate" that multiple panels are placed on or connected to.

The teflon surface itself or the assembly in general can be flat or even include small shapes such as pyramids (circular pyramids or any number of straight sides like square pyramids) stamped into the plastic or panel or made any other way.  Micro/nano pyramids can also be created on the surface of the PTFE teflon by corona discharge treating the surface preferably with a wattage of over 100W in order to make the surface superhydrophobic.  This creates micro pyramid like structures on the surface and will greatly enhance the triboelectric generating potential. For joining the seams between panels and perhaps even the edges of the individual panels themselves a surface protection teflon tape can be used if desired.

This technology can be used for any use, from panels for houses to building scale pyramid models, to energy harvesting groups of structures, to smooth skins for cars, planes, and boats.  It can be used in high, medium, or low atmospheric agitation. Any application of this technology is possible and covered under this open source invention.

Example purchase list and calculations:

185.8312 m height of piece 7316.189 in 11.001 (1:665 scale) <<11">>
115.1833 m leg of piece 4534.776 in 6.819 (1:665 scale) <<6.8">>
1.618034 golden ratio

.002 thick teflon


1/2" teflon tape

Steel for press

rubber for pressing on teflon

1 mil copper

Screen printing frame

Silk screen material


epoxy for PTFE

Barium Titanate

Barium Carbonate


Trump needs to be impeached for launching Syrian War

Wow.  I can't say I'm surprised but I am shocked by what Trump just did.  I thought he was backing off his rhetoric with the "I never said when we would strike!" thing.  But apparently my hope was in vain.  There exists NO EVIDENCE that Assad launched the chemical weapons!  The last time we sent missiles against Syria for using "sarin gas" there still exists to this day NO EVIDENCE that Assad or the Syrian government at all launched the attack!  This was just  announced by Mattis on Feb 2nd!  

If Trump and may and Macron have some "secret evidence" (worked great with "weapons of mass destruction" and "sarin gas attacks" right??) They better f'ing make that evidence public before launching an attack.  That is the LEAST they could do.  In reality the constitution DICTATES that the president CAN ONLY DIRECT THE MILITARY AFTER CONGRESS DECLARES WAR!!! Article I section 8 clause 11.  ANY PRESIDENT THAT LAUNCHES A "MILITARY STRIKE" without congressional approval MUST BE IMPEACHED.  End of story.  Russia would be fully justified to sink any ship that is proved to have launched missiles at bases in Syria.  I hope they don't make the same mistake as Trump and wait until there is public proof as to the identity of the ships that launched the attack.  I wouldn't want to be in the military or large strategic population centers in America right about now as Russia sinking our warships will certainly trigger a WORLD WAR.  Make no mistake, Russia isn't going to turn a blind eye even if no Russians were killed, the way the west has treated Russia has brought Russia to the absolute edge and like a cornered cat they will fight with everything and I mean everything they have even if there is no chance they can win.  You push someone to the edge unjustly like the west has pushed Russia and they will not only risk but sacrifice their lives and the very existence of their country to fight back in TOTAL WAR.