How to make Amber

 Amber typically contains up to 8% succinic acid.  We can look at amber a lot like epoxy with 2 parts, a hardener and a polymer.  The hardener in the case of amber is succinic acid and the polymer is communic acid.  I can't find a source of comminic acid but all plant resin seems to contain it.  So to make amber what should work is to add succinic acid to plant resin and heat.  Also adding some bicarbonate source like baking soda may help as well.  Natural plastic or adhesive.


Why massage helps sore muscles and injuries: It creates more lactic acid!

Icing sore muscles or sprains or other injuries helps but it takes a long time and sometimes doesn't work fully.  But I stumbled on a actual cure that works in literally just a few minutes.  Take braggs vinegar and pour some on a folded up paper towel.  Place this on the injury.  Then cover with an ice bag.  Wait 10 minutes and the pain should be basically gone!  Works best if you also take some baking soda or potassium bicarbonate internally at the same time (creates lactate from the lactic acid).  Sore muscles and injuries hurt because your muscles run out of lactic acid, not that they have too much!  Lactic acid is fuel for your muscles and when your lactic acid runs out you become sore.  What ice does is slow the metabolism of your muscles to give your body a chance to produce more lactic acid and catch up.  Acetic acid from vinegar is very similar and can fill the same role.

Massage likely helps sore muscles because it stimulates the muscles to produce more lactic acid and therefore heal themselves!

I am buying 80% food grade lactic acid from ebay and testing it not only for sore muscles but also to see if it helps me sleep better and prevent sleep apnea.  Lactic acid also appears to increase body temperature along with likely bicarbonate so if you have a low body temp, you may be lactate deficient.  Lactic acid also appears to treat tuberculosis and bovine tuberculosis, of which the bovine variety likely causes sleep apnea since it lives in the neck.  Lactic acid also seems to be a lucrative treatment for hairloss and I am also going to guess chronic fatigue and gynecomastia.




types of organic acuds produced by probiotics.



How Jesus Walked on Water and healed people and the foundation of life

Positive charges.  We have realized that gravity is induced electrostatic attraction.  The center of the earth is positively charged.  The earths crust is an insulator.  We are little capacitors attracted to the earth by being relatively negatively charged.  This negative charge can be a handicap in some ways.  This attraction is called "gravity".  This means if you can connect electrically with the center of the earth you can break free of gravity.  The problem is doing this may kill you as it will interfere with the electrical nature of the body.  However a bit of positive charge may help.  If you can find a source of positive charge like hydrothermal vents in water near the surface of the water like in the sea of Galilee, you may be lighter than you would otherwise be.  Hence walking on water.  I believe Jesus took a boat out to these areas and charged his body with it "I have food you know not about".  These positive charges would mimic the effect that eating food has on the body.  Animals near these vents grow much larger than normal.  Also pyramid lake in nevada has similar outlets from the earth and fish grow very large.  Jesus in his boat went to these areas in the sea of Galilee, charged himself up, then went out and touched people to heal them with the charge he had built up in his body.  However this would also feed bacteria, and just like Aaron Traywick, the bacteria and virus gain the biggest advantage from the treatment.