How the left right paradigm "constricts" our liberties

Big power, started since the enlightenment, uses the left right paradigm of regulation ad deregulation to slowly constrict personal liberties until they are gone.

This is how it is done.  Let a new sector grow via not regulating it.  Then add regulations so you can select the winners.  The winners will be your companies.  Next, when your companies are now the top players, deregulate.  This will make your companies blossom and grow in monopolistic power.  When new players crop up, increase regulation again.

Now heres the problem.  The public would wise up and see something is going on during your cycles of regulating and deregulating.  It would be fishy.  Enter political parties.  Now you rig the elections (a science and is done around the world including spain's future catalonia elections) and make a republican (pro deregulation) win one cycle and a democrat (pro regulation) win the next cycle.  Now you have plausible deniability and continue to constrict and reconsolidate until your prey (us) are strangled to death and can be eaten.

How cryptocurrency will die (but not really)

As bitcoin reaches for new highs I have been contemplating it's end once again.  Before I said it would be due to a lack of hashing power. That isn't true.  Any hashing power is enough to keep transactions processing at a constant rate.  The problem will really be one of trust.  Bitcoin will be 51%'d.  It may already be.  But as soon as something sparks it, the 51% attack will rear its ugly head and people will loose faith in the coin flocking to other coins.  It appears bitcoin cash would be a natural move.  However this will be shortlived.  A 51% attack on bitcoin - and a subsequent exodus into something like bitcoin cash - would cause a cannibalism event and the people who 51%'d bitcoin will turn their hashing power to bitcoin cash and 51% that as well.  This will keep happening and cryptocurrencies will drop like flies.  The only solution is to make a coin that requires different hardware to mine than bitcoin so the 51%ers couldn't also attack those currencies.  These currencies already exist.  Ones like bitcoin gold and monero and other CPU only or CPU/GPU coins will not be able to be attacked by these massive groups. Bitcoin gold and monero would likely beamong  the sole survivors of the cryptocurrency apocalypse.


How to prepare for plagues

We are seeing a plague outbreak in Madagascar and other countries on the eastern side of Africa.  We expected this since in 2012-2013 we just crossed into a Seal of revelation (comes every 333 years) and in september of this year we saw the revelation 12 sign (comes roughly every 300 years too).  The coincidence of these two is of major importance and plagues are the least of what we will see.

The answer on how to prepare for a plague is easy, clay and charcoal.  Preferably food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal.  The stronger sicknesses hit, the harder they fall.  Virus' are the easiest to treat sicknesses.  All you need to do is take food grade DE to immunize yourself against plague and/or take activated charcoal to cure it.