Snuuze sleep capsules

Snooze (snuuze) was designed with all the research I have been doing for sleep in the past 15 years.  Sleep is my baby and thankfully I have it all figured out now.  The whole reason NatureHacker exists was because of my trouble sleeping, it is what brought me to distrust the medical system and have to find my own answers and solutions.  Snooze was designed by trying to fight the 6 types of bacteria that I have found seem to cause sleeplessness.  

1. Streptococcus 
2. Campylobacter 
3. Pseudomonas 
4. Tuberculosis 
5. Proteus
6. clostridium

I have found that by attacking all of those at the same time that sleeplessness always abates.  Mabye only for 1-2 hours but it is a snooze that is life changing for someone who just can't seem to nod off. Please read the disclaimer on the right side before buying anything from this site.

Snooze 50ct $13

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I have found that the more the better, typically I take around 3-4 capsules 

Ingredients per batch:
50g food grade diatomaceous earth 
50g organic ginger powder 
25g garlic extract powder 
50g Nature's Fury 
75 drops eucalyptus essential oil 
75 drops clove essential oil

Each capsule contains around half a gram.   It seems best to take it right when you are having trouble falling asleep or falling back asleep.

I recommend if you have heartburn or chronic cough/clearing throat or reflux/stomach churning that you take potassium bicarbonate at least about 5-10 mins before taking this in order to neutralize stomach acid.  Potassium bicarbonate also seems to help one fall asleep.  (In the future I may experiment with the stability of adding potassium bicarbonate to this recipe instead.)

I recommend you take a CLEAN probiotic after you are up for the day.  (Clean meaning not yogurt or kiefer or raw milk or any fermented food which likely also contains campylobacter). Snooze is designed to kill lots of kinds of bacteria and you want to replace those with probiotics so that dangerous bacteria don't overgrow.  Theoretically taking snooze and probiotics it should be possible to cure insomnia for good but I have yet to achieve that.  But this product has broken the curse of the 4 hour sleep wall for me and even without taking it now I can sometimes sleep a somewhat normal night.


Psycotics on the left, Insane's on the right. I'm stuck in the middle with both

Wouldn't it be funny if I told you Garlic could cure both psychotic liberals and insane conservatives?  Well it can.

I have found the cure for liberalism and conservatism.

Turns out that liberals are bona-fide psycho's.  Look it up.  Conservatives are neurotic - severe neuroticism I believe is the same as insanity.  Liberals are infected with toxoplasmosis.  Conservatives are infected with tuberculosis.  The funny thing is muslims are heavily infected with TB and are ultra-conservative yet liberals want to take them in.  This is psychosis at work, rats with toxo also desire their own doom by being attracted to cats more than their fellow rat.  The same cat that wants to kill them the toxo infected rats love.

Distasteful patriotism.  Adoration of cops and authority and a'murca.  These are neurotic conservative symptoms of tuberculosis infection.

Another way to look at it is liberals are pathogenic pessimists (psycotic) whereas conservatives are pathogenic optimists (insane).  Both ways will lead to authoritarian tendencies.

The funny thing here is that garlic is excellent at killing both of these infections.


What is the "Rule of 70"?

The definition of the rule of 70 is that if you can explain something to someone with an IQ of 70 or below and it makes complete sense to them, then you own the narrative.  This is shown in memification.  Memes make concepts readily accessible to people. And it isn't just about dumb people understanding your message, it is just lowering the bar of effort so someone doesn't have to try very hard to understand.  This is the genius of Trump's messaging, his messaging makes sense to the lowest common denominator.  People in the middle think he is an idiot while genius' recognize the genius of his "lowest common denominator" oriented messages.  Whether we agree with him or not; very high IQ people will realize the genius of the crystallization of his concepts that are readily and easily understood by everyone.  Get the lowest 70 onboard and you own the message.  It takes a genius to communicate effectively with an idiot.