The true health effects of Magnetic Fields and how to use them as medicine

Magnetic fields simply do one thing: They free hemeoglobin in the blood.  Moving magnetic fields or pulsed magnetic fields will basically rip hemoglobin out of red blood cells.  We don't have any red blood cells in our brain so it doesn't effect the brain very much especially since the nerves are well insulated so electric charges likely aren't developed in most cases.  So what does this free hemoglobin cause?  Well it causes the explosive growth of clostridium bacteria.  This bacteria causes seizures and twitches and also pin like pains all over your body.  Also if the magnetic fields disrupt the rbc's in the bone marrow the clostridium may move in to the bone marrow and cause leukemia.  How do we kill this bacteria?  Well adaptogens.  Take gynostemma extract and tribulus terrestris extract together.  TT increases adaptogen bioavailability.  Also you may want to chelate the excess iron using L-histadine and L-cystiene.

How can we use magnetic fields as medicine?  Well some people with hemochromatosis or high iron want to get rid of this iron.  you can use pulsed magnetic fields to non-invasively (like sucking out the persons blood) disrupt the blood cells and use iron chelation therapy to remove the excess iron from the body.  You can also just do chelation with L-histadine and L-cystiene which will slowly work but destroying the blood cells with magnetic fields can free up more iron to be chelated.

The true health effects of Glyphosate and roundup and how to chelate and treat it naturally

I was exposed to glyphosate by inhaling a fully vaporized form in a public place while they were mass spraying.  I recorded all my symptoms for your benefit.


in order of occurrence after inhalation of glyphosate

1. lightheaded
2. agitation/moodiness
3. trouble concentrating
4. headache
5. forgetfulness
6. itchy eyes, skin
7. loss of balance/coordination
8. heart palpitations
9. lymphnode pain
10. inner ear pain

All resolved within a day of atropine and oxime support therapy except lymphnode pain which is ongoing days later.

during oxime therapy requires potassium bicarbonate for the oxime support to work.  Pain comes back to inner ear and heart during oxime therapy and pain leaves lymphnode (on my right side).

It appears the glyphosate induces pathogenicity in gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes.  Anti-gram positive therapy is necessary in glyphosate treatment: adaptogens.

If you are chronically exposed and do not chelate the glyphosate by taking a combination of L-histadine, L-cystiene, L-Tryptophan (or likely tyrosine, valine isovaline, other hydrophobic aminos, etc), potassium bicarbonate; and also take adaptogens like gynostemma (triterpenoid saponins) along with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestrus to enhance bioavailability, then you will develop pathogenic gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes causing non-hodgkins lymphoma.

When you can't live by your ideals sustainably you must live by your ideals radically

For every bad radical there is a good radical.

Why do we have the corrupt and murderous FBI again?  Reddit already figured out the prime suspect of the austin bomber:

He came forward on reddit, proved he is the bomber by predicting the next bomb, the fire bomb at goodwill:

 We the people are how nature intended resistance to bad people.  The FBI and government are useless.  He came forward to we the people and we the people figured out who it was and we the people are who should take care of his just and merciful punishment.  Whenever you give a person or group of people a monopoly on anything even law and order, there is corruption, inefficiency, and murder.  Governments are historically the biggest mass murderers in history.  We the people need to take this power back.

As you may have noticed I too am a radical, but a radical for good.  I realized that it is impossible to live sustainably according to my ideals in this society.  It is very sad because my ideals are the constitution and declaration of independence to the 'T'.  If there was anywhere on earth you would expect a person like me to be able to live according to their ideals it is in America.  Since this is not the case, and I cannot live sustainably in privacy (4th amendment), able to speak my mind freely about what causes and cures disease (1st amendment) cannot follow my pursuit of happiness to treat people with safe, effective, natural cures for their ailments (I would get sued by the FDA); I have to not focus on creating a sustainable life; since life for me in this society is not sustainable; but rather forge a radical life.  Forge a life that will work in pulling the linchpin out of this society and watching it crumble.  The Austin bomber wants to watch the world burn.  I want to watch the world shine.  Like our founding fathers I want to watch the bonds of evil, corruption, and centralization fall off the slaves (you and me who work as slaves for the system).  I want to watch the good in people rise up to overwhelm the darkness in high places.  I want to empower the people to defend their own privacy (cryotocurrency) and defend themselves (magnetic unity).  I will live my life radically in self sacrifice to achieve these ends.  And I will give it everything I have to bring us one step closer to this ideal.

When you can't live sustainably, you must live radically.